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Why Apartment Life in Brooklyn is Better


Living the apartment life in Brooklyn means you are living in the center of the universe. You’re surrounded by incredible architecture, colorful personalities, and delicious food. Not all apartments are spacious though, which is perfectly okay.

Living large in Brooklyn doesn’t mean you need to live in a large space. In fact, there are many benefits to small apartment living:

              • Your home is easier to clean
              • You get to be more creative with design and functionality
              • You learn to keep only the necessities in your apartment


            However, creating a successful small space can be a challenge, so can living in one. Here are some tips to turn your tiny space into your dream home and where to go when you need a little break from apartment life in Brooklyn.


            Get Creative with Storage and Function

             Image Source: Natasha Habermann Studio via Instagram

            Specializing in small space design in New York, Habermann says, “Make sure you have a designated space for EVERYTHING. But seriously, everything. Down to the minutia. If you’re not organized in a small space, things get chaotic quickly.”

            It’s no secret, organizing a small space is no small feat. Learning to keep your small Brooklyn apartment in order correctly is an art as much as it is a science. Find furniture that serves more than one function and keeps everything in its place. For example, the coffee table above unfolds into a large dining table/desk.


            Display Your Favorite Items on a Gallery Wall

            A post shared by SALT HOUSE (@salthousemkt) on

             Image Source: Salt House Market via Instagram

            @salthousmkt in Brooklyn suggests, “Use your gallery wall to tell a story about who you are.  Think about colors that inspire you, prints of things you relate to, your own photography, or an old favorite plate…”

            Living the tiny apartment life in Brooklyn means space is tight, but it’s important your home still feels like a home. One way to keep it comfortable and familiar is to display your favorite things on a gallery wall. There’s no reason your small space has to be small on sharing what’s important to your heart.


            Design and Urban Garden

            Cutest little stoop garden.?????

            A post shared by Malgo Hajdasz (@brooklynbeet) on

             Image Source: @brooklynbeet via Instagram

            No front yard, no problem. Create a stoop garden (or a sidewalk garden or windowsill garden). Get a few succulents, flowers or plants and place them wherever you find space. Adding plants to your living spaces not only look beautiful but they also decrease stress according to research.


            Turn Everyday Items Into Part of Your Design

            A post shared by Kayte Olsufka (@kayte_o) on

             Image Source: kayte_o via Instagram

            Apartment life in Brooklyn can be tough if you don’t have a closet or enough storage space. That’s where your creativity comes in. Turn your clothing rack into part of the overall design of your home. Stack shoe boxes or books next to the bed for a makeshift side table. Have fun finding creative ways to turn everyday items into a functional part of your home.

            Keep in mind, most items should have a designated space, or your apartment can get messy incredibly fast. For those items you absolutely love but don’t have space for, try a renting a storage unit in Brooklyn. There’s no need to get rid of things you love due to lack of space.


            Take a Break From the Apartment Life in Brooklyn and Go Explore

             Image Source Laura S. Keller Photography via Instagram

            Coney Island is a residential neighborhood beach that locals and visitors flock to every summer. Featuring more than 50 rides and attractions, Coney Island operates between Easter and Halloween. It’s the perfect place to go when you need to escape the apartment life in Brooklyn. Lay on the beach, ride the world-famous Wonder Wheel or grab a hotdog at Nathan’s Famous. 


            Grab a Slice of Pizza

             Image Source: @newyork.cliche via Instagram

            It’s impossible to think of Brooklyn without thinking of its pizza. Words famous Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge is essential, proven by the long line. In recent years, the pizzeria has been rated highly by Zagat Survey and chosen as one of the five best pizzerias in the United States by Food Network.

          • If the lines are too long at Grimaldi’s (they don’t take reservations), you can head over to L&B Spumoni Gardens in Bensonhurst on 86th Street. L&B’s offers a wide selection of Italian food and is known for its pizza and ice cream.
          • Other Brooklyn Italian dining options include Di Fara Pizza in the Midwood section of Brooklyn and Lenny’s Pizza, which was featured in the cult classic film, “Saturday Night Fever.”

            Get Outside and Exercise

             Image Source: Josh Martinez Photography via Instagram

          • Finding where to exercise in a big city can be challenging for some. Especially, if finding an affordable place to get in shape is at the top of your list. Save on gym memberships by going for a run or bike ride, which is especially cool under the backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge.

            Visit one of Brooklyn’s Many Famous Parks

             Image Source: Historic Greenwood via Instagram

            you think of a city you don’t usually think of parks, but Brooklyn is full of them. Green-Wood Cemetery is a National Historical Landmark encompassing 478-acres of hills, valleys, ponds with walking paths throughout.


            Go For a Ride on Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park

            A post shared by JEKS? (@jekkaandhyde) on

             Image Source: @jekkaandhyde via Instagram

            Jane’s Carousel is located in Brooklyn Bridget Park and is open year-round. Beautifully restored, exquisitely carved horses and two chariots entertain guests for weddings and birthdays as well as mid-week escapes from the hubbub of city life.

            Keep your precious memories in storage while living the apartment life in Brooklyn

            Finding a place for all your belongings is hard when you live in a small place. There simply isn’t space for everything, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of items you love. Grab those old yearbooks, your kids first drawings, and those skinny jeans you know will fit again someday and put them in storage.

            You won’t have to worry about leasing more storage space than you need in Brooklyn with Metro Self Storage. Our handy 5X5 storage units feature climate control and start renting at only $19.99 per month.

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