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Top 10 Moving & Storage Tips from Metro Self Storage

We asked some of our most experienced storage managers located throughout several states to bring you the top 10 moving tips from Metro Self Storage.

Founded in 1973 by Karl F. Nagel, Metro Self Storage has grown to over 130 storage facilities in 14 states and continues to help people just like you find the perfect storage solution when moving or experiencing another type of life transition.

When you need affordable, secure, and convenient self storage solutions, you can rely on Metro. “We are in the self-storage business to deliver a first-class experience to our storage customers … and surround ourselves with the most talented employees,” says Chairman Matt Nagel.

Karl’s sons continue their dad’s commitment to delivering the best possible self-storage experience to customers. Metro’s team of professionally trained employees takes pride in offering friendly and knowledgeable customer service that is second to none. Read on for top tips from our friendly property managers.

Tip 1: Self Storage Tips for Hot and Humid Climates

Anyone living in a Southern or Midwestern should take special consideration when planning a move or organizing project. Our tip for storing your belongings in a hot climate comes from Metro Self Storage Town & Country in Tampa, Florida.

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida also gets humid making climate-controlled storage units a popular choice. All Metro Self Storage facilities offer personal, household, and business storage solutions, and most offer climate-controlled storage units.

Metro’s Town & Country Storage Manager is happy to give her customers helpful moving and storage tips.

“Never keep your boxes outside overnight just before you move because the moisture in the air may dampen the boxes, making them weak or spongy.”

Boxes that are exposed to humidity and dew will decompose faster, and climate-controlled storage units are not designed to dry boxes once they are wet.

Another important moving tip from Metro Self Storage in Florida is, “Don’t pack anything that is wet or damp—believe it or not, mold and mildew can start to grow before your box ever leaves the house. Imagine what it will be like in a few weeks or months left to grow in a dark storage unit.”

While moving might be a challenge in a hot and humid climate, be sure to keep everything you will be storing dry, both inside and out, before loading your belongings into your rented storage unit.

Tip 2: What to Store in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Have you ever wondered what types of items people store in a climate-controlled storage unit? The Property Manager at Metro Self Storage in North Wales, Pennsylvania, recommends storing the following types of items in a temperature-controlled environment:

  • Electronic equipment
  • Wood furniture and high-end furniture
  • Books and papers
  • Photos, artwork, and paintings
  • Pharmaceuticals

“As a general rule of thumb we ask about any items that are moisture sensitive or susceptible to temperature changes,” says the North Wales Storage Manager.

The manager explains that the North Wales storage facility offers climate-controlled storage units that are at ground level, which makes access relatively easy thanks to moving carts that assist customers who are loading and unloading their storage units.

The manager adds, “Non-climate drive-up units are an excellent choice for those who want immediate access to their belongings or for those who are on a budget.”

Nevertheless, she always asks what customers are planning to store and for how long.

“If they tell me they are storing any of the items I mentioned above, then I will recommend that they choose to rent climate control, which will better protect their belongings. Our North Wales, PA climate-controlled storage units are kept at a temperature between 55-80 degrees year-round and their goods will not be exposed to extreme weather conditions.”

She highly recommends that storage customers should never move their goods into the storage unit in the rain. “If they do, regardless of what unit they rent, their goods can get moldy if placed in a storage unit while wet,” she says.

Tip 3: How to Prepare and Pack Valuable Items for Storage

One of the most popular types of moving boxes is the dish-packing box. Metro Self Storage in Southampton, New York, recommends customers pack their fine china, dishes, and other kitchenware breakables in a dish-pack box.

This type of heavy-duty box can be configured in a number of ways and is specifically designed to protect fragile items during transport and storage.

The Southampton Storage Manager says, “You can purchase dividers that will keep the items safe during moving and you can easily adjust the insert depending on the types of items you are putting in the box.” She also suggests purchasing bubble wrap or packing paper to wrap things like glasses, dishes, silverware, and serving dishes.

Metro Self Storage locations offer packing supplies and boxes including small, medium, large and wardrobe boxes. The Southampton store manager goes on to point out that wardrobe boxes are heavy-duty boxes for your clothes to hang in with room at the bottom for shoes, pillows, comforters, and whatever else you can fit.

“Moving day is easier for our customers, and they really appreciate having a one-stop-shop to purchase everything they need in one convenient location.”

Tip 4: Where to Find Military Storage in Fort Worth, Texas

Active military personnel may need to rent a storage unit from two to nine months or longer. Moreover, their storage time frame can change at a moment’s notice. Metro Self Storage is conveniently located 4.5 miles from the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, which includes Carswell Field. This makes the Metro Self Storage team in Fort Worth, TX uniquely qualified to meet military storage needs.

With flexible month-to-month leasing and a user-friendly self-storage website, military customers can easily rent, manage, and pay storage rental fees online from anywhere in the world. “Metro Self Storage can accommodate either an individual airman or an entire family’s storage needs,” says the Fort Worth Property Manager.

The Fort Worth storage facility offers a great selection of storage unit sizes and top-notch security systems too.

“Our state-of-the-art security system with 24-hour surveillance, cylinder lock doors, and a gated property leaves no doubt your goods are secure.”

“Whether stationed here locally, or deployed around the world, your goods are in perfect hands, and the professional staff is always happy to assist you,” he adds.

Most Metro Self Storage offices are open seven days a week; our Fort Worth location is as well.

Convenient hours of operations allow you to call or come by whenever it is convenient for you, and several options for payment include online, phone, mail, or simply walking in.

Tip 5: How to Choose the Best RV Storage Facility

“The process of choosing a place to store your RV can be a lot more than meets the eye,” says the Metro Self Storage Manager in Corpus Christi, Texas. One of the biggest challenges many RV storage facilities face is that their RV storage areas are an afterthought to their existing business.

Metro Self Storage offers RV storage facilities near popular outdoor destinations that typically have a high demand for recreational vehicle storage.

“Unlike many of the area competitors in our city, we offer only concrete paved storage whereas other self-storage facilities have gravel parking lots, or worse yet, a grass lot for RV Storage,” says the store manager.

Corpus Christi is located on the shores of the Gulf Of Mexico, which makes the climate tropical year-round. “Bugs, rodents, salty sea air, and the sun can do a number on your expensive RV, but at Metro Self Storage we proudly offer covered parking over concrete surfaces for your vehicle,” says the Corpus Christi manager.

“The cover protects your rig from harmful UV rays beating down on it and the concrete surface virtually eliminates the critters and bugs that would otherwise infest your home away from home while parked in storage.”

“These subtle but not always obvious differences are why my RV tenants stay for years and why word of mouth amongst the local RV community keeps bringing in new customers to Metro Self Storage in Corpus Christi,” explains the property manager.

Tip 6: The Perks of Renting a Business Storage Unit in River North Chicago

Our business storage tip comes from Metro’s River North Chicago storage facility in Illinois.

Business storage units are ideal for a wide range of companies ranging from construction and landscape contractors to professional offices, event planners, and real estate stagers.

Climate-controlled business storage units are ideal for records, patient files, and other important business documents.

“Metro Self Storage allows our business customers to have inventory and other items shipped directly to our storage facilities via UPS, FedEx, & Private Messenger,” says the River North Chicago Storage Manager. “We will even sign for your delivery, so you don’t need to be here in person or have an employee there when it arrives.”

“If you are in medical sales, pharmaceuticals, or only storing marketing supplies and samples, we have the room you are looking for in our 100% climate-control building in Chicago,” he says.

Tip 7: Renting a Storage Unit – Pack Your Storage Unit Efficiently

There is no denying that moving is stressful. Adding the task of packing and storing your items to a long to-do list can seem overwhelming at first. Packing your storage unit efficiently is easier with the easy-to-follow storage and packing tips from the professional, knowledgeable storage pros at all Metro locations.

The Property Manager at Metro Self Storage in Topeka, Kansas, recommends that customers disassemble beds and tables whenever possible, and when storing dressers to stack boxes on top of them. Your chairs can be stacked seat to seat or placed upside down on tables that do not disassemble.

“Stack heavier items on the bottom, lighter items on the top, and any items that you will not need while stored such as appliances can be stacked at the back of the unit.”

Another popular storage unit packing tip is to turn sofas and love seats on end so that they take up vertical space.

However, always place these types of items on pallets and a moving blanket so that they do not come in direct contact with concrete floors.

Tip 8: Storing Your Commercial Vehicle at a Self Storage Facility

Small business owners such as landscapers, construction contractors, and street vendors utilize Metro Self Storage in Stone Mountain, Georgia,. Like all Metro facilities that offer parking and car storage, this storage location offers a secure and convenient place to park commercial vehicles away from home.

Tips For Vehicle Storage

  • Reserve parking spaces early; they are very limited and hard to come by, so when available reserve ASAP with Metro’s free seven-day storage hold.
  • Be sure to measure your vehicle and to visit the property to check the sizes of the parking spaces to ensure it is large enough to store your vehicle.
  • Check-in with the storage office to make sure you meet all requirements for vehicle storage such as registration and insurance and that your vehicle is in working order.
  • Properly preparing your RV for winter storage will keep it in good working order and help you maintain the value of your investment.
  • Getting your car ready for storage is important to ensure it runs properly when you take it out of storage.  

Tip 9: Rent a Moving Truck at a Self Storage Facility

People are moving to Minneapolis Suburbs to live in cities like Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Mound, and Orono to be within arms’ reach of the vibrant Twin Cities.

“Renting a moving truck at your local storage facility saves both time and money,” says the storage manager at Metro Self Storage in Eden Prairie. “I am always sure to mention to our customers the convenience of being able to drop your truck rental off at the facility where you are storing your belongings,” he says.

When packing and loading your moving truck, remember what goes in first will be the last to come out. Think of how you will organize your storage unit before you begin to pack your moving truck.

“Anything that you plan on accessing from your storage unit should be placed at the front of the unit for easy access,” adds the manager. This means these items should be loaded onto your moving truck first so they are the last items to be unloaded from the truck or trailer.

Tip 10: Find the Best Security Features

Metro Self Storage prides itself on taking security seriously at each and every storage facility. With more than 40 years of industry experience and our Customer Satisfaction Pledge, you can count on Metro to offer you a premier self-storage experience.

Our industry-leading security gives our customers the confidence with features such as 24-hour recorded video surveillance, ample lighting, fenced perimeters, coded keypad gate access, and individually alarmed units.

As a Metro Self Storage customer, you will have access to your household, business, and recreational vehicle storage from early morning until late at night, 365 days a year.

Select Metro storage facilities offer 24-hour access, and most provide businesses 24-hour access upon request.

Learn more about your options for self storage by visiting us online at:

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