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10 Compelling Reasons People Love Moving to Philadelphia

People love moving to Philadelphia and Delaware Valley for its vibrant culture and diverse neighborhoods. It’s the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States. There are wonderful communities to live and raise a family, excellent schools, and a variety of employment opportunities. Once you’re moved in and unpacked, be sure to check out all the places to see and incredible Philly foods. Whether you are moving to Philadelphia Suburbs, Delaware Valley, or heading over for the day, we’ve found ten fun facts you need to know. […]

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5 Things That Need Climate Controlled Storage

  When it comes to deciding whether or not to rent a climate controlled storage unit, it’s not just high temperatures that you have to worry about. When planning to store valuable business and household items, also think about moisture and humidity as well as freezing temperatures. While most self storage companies offer slightly higher storage unit rates for climate controlled storage features, keeping your belongings from sustaining damage due to high temperatures, humidity, or freezing conditions is worth the investment.   Most electronics belong in a climate controlled storage unit The best methods for storing electronics include remembering that technology evolves faster than lightening, and if you put something out of sight will it be relevant by the time [...]

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How to Pack a Moving Truck: Use Your Head, Save Your Back!

  Moving day is not only stressful, but it’s also downright physically demanding. Especially if you’ve signed up for a DIY move that requires you do all the heavy lifting. Bending over to pick up and lift moving boxes for hours at a time is not your back’s idea of a good time (and probably not yours either). […]

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Moving to West Chicago, IL? 7 Things You Need to Know

  Whether you are visiting or moving to West Chicago, the area is an attractive destination. Located 30 miles due west of downtown Chicago in DuPage County, the City of West Chicago has a rich history. It was created when three railroads came together in the area. Manufacturing jobs, eating houses, and hotels for travelers soon sprang up because so many trains met at this juncture. Most of the residents were chiefly farmers and railroad employees.   Today, West Chicago is a popular commuter town (due to its more affordable rents) to nearby Chicago. Additionally, you can leave your car behind and take public transportation (the Metra) to downtown Chicago. […]

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How To Prepare Furniture for Storage

  Whether you are a homeowner getting ready to move or a real estate agent staging a home for sale, self storage can provide both short-term and long-term options to reduce clutter during a move. Home furnishings usually represent the largest investment inside a home, and the wide range of styles and quality characteristics makes finding the right type of storage very important. If you are wondering how to store furniture long term, we’ve got some handy tips to keep your belongings in the best possible condition. […]

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3 Simple Home Staging Tips to Help Sell Your House

According to top Realtors across the country, home staging is the key to selling a home. Moving season is here again; maybe it’s the warmer weather and the fact that the future looks brighter now that the sun isn’t hiding behind gray clouds. One of the most important things you can do to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price is to understand the value of staging. Getting a full-price offer within a reasonable amount of time is every homeowner’s dream. […]

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7 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to North Side Chicago

  When it comes to deciding what to do and see in North Side Chicago, there are so many choices in the Windy City that Fodor’s Travel published an article titled “10 Things Not To Do In Chicago.” While this might be helpful for tourists who are on a tight schedule, for anyone moving to Chicago the first question on your mind probably is something like: “Where are the best neighborhoods in Chicago?” We’ve narrowed the playing field for you by identifying two very fine communities on Chicago’s North Side, and info on Chicago culture and trivia so you’ll feel right at home when you arrive. […]

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Moving to Minneapolis Suburbs? 4 of the Best ‘Burbs in Minnesota

  Minneapolis is ranked as one of the best cities to live in America, and several Twin Cities suburbs consistently rank high for the quality of life and affordability. Last year, Maple Grove, Minnesota got a shout out from Money magazine and was listed 2nd on their list of the best suburbs’ in America, but it doesn’t stop there. Edina, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, and Mound have all been featured in well-respected publications including CNN, Outside Magazine, and Bloomberg. There must be something truly wonderful about Minnesota if people are willing to stick around in the winter when temperatures routinely drop into the single digits. So, if you plan on moving to the Minneapolis suburbs, these are some of the best [...]

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Create Moving Box Masterpieces | Fun, Affordable Entertainment For All

  Just build it, and they will come! Which is exactly what happens if you end up building with a large moving box. Youth and science organizations have caught on to the universal appeal of playing with cardboard moving boxes, and are engaging kids of all ages to create cardboard masterpieces that include everything from boats and rocket ships to life-size chess pieces and palaces. Watching this short documentary video about Caine’s Arcade. The an 11-minute short documentary film by Nirvan Mullick released on April 9, 2012, that featured a cardboard arcade created by then 9-year-old Caine Monroy out of boxes and everyday objects. To date, the Imagination Foundation has 750+ global participants in 77 countries and partners with Google and [...]

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