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How Sheepshead Bay Self Storage Makes Apartment Living in Brooklyn Easy

  Big city apartments are usually high on costs and short on space, especially in terms of storage space such as closets and cabinets.  The trend towards smaller apartments in New York continues to gain popularity. Prefabricated in Brooklyn, New York, these modular micro-apartments range anywhere from 260 to 360 square feet. It’s no wonder many Brooklynites turn to Sheepshead Bay self storage to make their lives more manageable. While the idea of living in a minute amount of space may come as a shock to most, for many New Yorkers, a self storage unit often serves as their second home because it provides the extra space people need to make living the apartment life in Brooklyn more enjoyable. […]

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The Million Dollar Self Storage Question: What Size Do I Need?

It’s a question we’ve all asked experts, even perfect strangers, and ourselves. From carry on suitcases and skis to mountain bikes, moving trucks, and yes, even self storage—What Size Do I Need?—is usually the first question that comes to mind. Finding the correct answer practically guarantees you’ll save time and money. If you start out with the right size, it means you aren’t overpaying for more than you need. Nor will you waste time on returning or exchanging something because you got the wrong size. […]

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