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Self Storage Makes St Patricks Day More Fun

Self Storage Makes St. Patrick’s Day More Fun


Even though self storage as a useful place to keep things while moving or living in a small apartment, it comes in handy during the holidays too. Self storage makes St. Patrick’s Day more fun by giving party planners the extra space they need for things like tables, chairs, decorations, and more!

1. Storing Party Drinks and Food

Storing party drinks and food for St Patricks Day

Before a St. Patrick’s Day party, snacks, and drinks can start to take over your kitchen. These party treats can be tempting. It’s hard to resist indulging in them early, leaving you with fewer supplies and a bigger waistline by the time the actual party begins.

Some try to avoid this temptation by going shopping on the day of the party. This strategy just leads to another problem, though: wading through a packed supermarket with long lines. You’re there with everyone else who needs last-minute party food and drinks. The best choices might already be gone, and they definitely won’t be on sale. It happens every holiday.

You can escape this scene and the temptation of St. Patrick’s Day fare by storing any unrefrigerated drinks and food at your self-storage unit instead of your kitchen. Self storage units can be as small as a pantry closet or as large as a one-car garage if you’re planning an epic bash. You can even get a climate-controlled unit, perfect for storing alcohol like whiskey and wine.

Once you have a self-storage unit, you can stock up before for your St. Patrick’s party and keep any unopened goods there afterward. Then, you’ll always be ready for a party!

2. Storing Holiday Decorations

Storing Holiday Decorations for St Patricks Day

A small storage unit can be perfect for storing decorations, too. After all, you only need shamrock and leprechaun decorations once each year. Why crowd your closets with so much green, when you can keep it elsewhere?

Then, before the party, you can simply pick up the decorations at your self-storage unit instead searching through a stuffed closet at home. The simplicity of the arrangement and the extra space at home will make the holiday more stress-free and fun for you. Your party would have the atmosphere you want, without the difficulty of storage.

If your St. Patrick’s decorations aren’t enough to fill a storage unit, you can always use the empty shelves for decorations from other holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. You wouldn’t have to think twice about getting perfect decorations for all your holidays since you’d have plenty of space to store them for the rest of the year.

3. Storing Valuables To Prevent Damage

Storing Valuables to prevent damage for St Patricks Day

If you want to host an awesome party, your home has to be prepared for a little damage. Sometimes this damage is manageable, like a dirty carpet or chipped cup. Other times, though, your prized possessions can be harmed or stolen in the midst of the fun.

Hosting a big St. Patrick’s Day party can be especially risky for your things if a lot of guests drink heavily (in honor of Ireland, of course). Your keepsakes could get crushed, or your computer could get knocked over. This damage is not only hard for you; it could also end up dampening the party.

Save yourself the grief and awkwardness of party mishaps by keeping your favorite things in self storage. Bringing them to a secure place is easier and less sneaky than trying to hide them around your home. Why go through that hassle, if you have a self-storage unit?

While a storage facility isn’t the next hot spot for a club or festival, self storage makes St. Patrick’s Day more fun and it can definitely make hosting a St. Patrick’s party easier. Besides, moving out your valuables before a big party leaves more room for drinks!

With a call to your neighborhood Metro Self Storage, your St. Patrick’s Day celebration can stay awesome for you and all of your guests.

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