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Self Storage? It’s Affordable If You Do It Right

Self Storage can be a safe space for your things while you address your life goals. For some, the opportunity to travel abroad or go on a road trip is irresistible. For others, it all comes down to too many things and a lack of space.

Say you’re a recently graduated college student with an apartment full of furniture and no clue how to move with it, or a newly married couple intent on selling your home and traveling for the next six months. While selling everything might work, it’s difficult and sometimes a significant waste of time and money compared to other options

These are just a couple situations where, with a little smart planning, self storage can be an affordable, practical solution.

Every person will have their unique circumstances, so with a little clever planning, you can find a self storage unit that can fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Choosing A Self Storage Unit

The most important step in the self storage process is picking your unit. Many people are under the impression self storage companies aren’t flexible, but often the opposite is true.

Self Storage units are designed with the user in mind; there is a large variety of storage sizes and types for anyone. With the right choices, a storage unit is a very affordable and worthy investment.

The first factor to consider is size. Depending on what you want to store, you’ll want to get a unit to fit your needs. If you are a recently graduated college student with a limited number of items, a smaller 5X10 unit can easily suffice. However, as you acquire more things you will need more space, like a larger 10X15 unit, and better storage techniques to store everything within your budget.

Putting the largest items on the bottom, creating walkways within your unit, and stacking efficiently are all good methods for helping you fit more items in more affordable units. Regardless, choosing the right space and packing and organizing your storage unit well will go a long way in saving you money.

Should I Choose a Storage Unit with Climate Control?

The second factor to consider is climate control. If your items are sensitive to temperature and humidity, you may need AC during the summer and heating during the winter. Climate controlled units are almost always more expensive, but they are worth the assurance that your belongings are truly safe and secure.

The third factor to consider is location. Do you have trouble carrying heavy objects or need to store something like a vehicle or outdoor patio furniture? If so, you may want to choose a ground level unit with an outward-facing door. For smaller objects, boxes, files, and inventory, other units may be slightly cheaper and still work for you.

Figuring out how much you want to carry, or whether your facility is single level, can help you make a final decision much quicker. If you pick the correct type of unit, it will be the most affordable solution for your self storage needs.

Choosing A Self Storage Facility

If you know the exact unit you need, sometimes selecting a self storage facility can be a little more confusing than you would first expect. Access hours, security, and management styles will all influence your decision.

Thankfully, Metro Self Storage has facilities all over the country. Every location is staffed with great property managers and feature security systems to keep your personal belongings safe.

Additionally, extended access hours every day of the year means you can access your belongings whenever you need them. In many towns and cities, 24-hour access is available with security systems at well-lit facilities.

You may want to store near your hometown, where you’re moving to, or somewhere in between. Whether you plan to travel or rent while searching for a new home, storage can come in handy. Choose a nearby facility store to choose exactly where you want to store your goods for the best deal.

Overall choosing a storage unit might seem like an extra task. However, with a small amount of effort and help from a self-storage expert like the ones you will meet at Metro, you can easily find an affordable, effective, and confident storage solution for your belongings.

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