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Self Storage eases Valentines Day

Ease Valentine’s Day Stress with Self Storage

Are you wondering how to have a stress-free Valentine’s Day? Is that even possible? If you are single, then Valentine’s Day could be anything from empowering to a major downer. If you are in a new relationship, and nobody has said, “I love you” yet, things could get awkward. But for anyone in a relationship between the first kiss and a 50-year wedding anniversary, take notice because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Planning to impress your partner with a chef-inspired meal at home, popping the big question, or separating from your spouse, here is how self storage can help you ease Valentine’s Day stress.

Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day

A lot of couples get engaged on February 14th and many will even set Valentine’s Day as their wedding date. Of the 2.3 million people who get engaged each year in the US, it is estimated that 10% do so on Valentine’s Day—it is, after all, the most romantic holiday of the year.

Are you planning to move in together this month? Couples getting engaged may consider moving in together in order to save money for their wedding and honeymoon. But combining households often means two of everything and who wants to argue about what to keep? Especially, if you may need it in the future.

Renting a self storage unit in February may very well come in handy and help ease Valentine’s Day stress. The monthly expense of a self storage unit is certainly going to be cheaper than the rent increase of a larger home. If planning a wedding is your next big financial expense then moving into a bigger place may be on hold until after you pay off the honeymoon.


The Popularity of Destination Divorces

Turning heartache into a holiday might work if you are as spiritually evolved as someone like Gandhi or have a wicked sense of humor. But seriously, who came up with Destination Divorces? The travel industry? Hallmark Cards?

For most couples contemplating a divorce, flying off to a posh Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands to is not going to be an option. But regardless of who the brainchild is behind the destination divorce idea, if there is an industry besides law firms that is experienced with life transitions like divorces, it is self storage companies.

At Metro Self Storage we understand that any significant life transition is going to be difficult, but a divorce can be especially stressful and emotionally charged.

Being a leader in the self storage industry for over 40 years means we have seen just about every type of scenario you could imagine. Privacy during a divorce is respected at our facilities, and because our Property Managers are professionally trained storage experts, they can often help ease stress by offering a caring, confidential storage experience.


Other Ways Self Storage Can Ease

Valentine’s Day Stress

  • Declutter and organize before preparing a romantic dinner at home.
  • Staging your home before putting it on the market, make it look more spacious and attractive by moving extra items like furniture and home accessories into a storage unit.
  • Can’t decide whether to keep, donate, or sell it? Place these items in a storage unit for six months or a year. If you haven’t used it by the time Valentine’s Day arrives next year, it is time to toss it.


Create a perfect match for your belongings at a Metro Self Storage facility near you. We can help you store everything from furniture and family heirlooms to classic cars and a collection of vinyl albums. It’s easy to move in with Metro because we are always ready to share our space with you.

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