How to Keep Mold Monsters (and Other Gross Things) Out of Your Storage Unit

mold monster concept with cute googly eyes

  If you’re planning to move, there’s a good chance you’ll rely on self storage during your transition. Besides moving, people utilize off-site storage space during other types of life transitions as well as for seasonal storage. Most household items need climate controlled storage units to protect them from ice-cold temperatures, rainy and wet conditions,
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Why You Need Climate Controlled Storage in Hot, Humid Climates

need climate controlled storage heat wave in the city and hand showing thermometer for high temp

  No matter where you live if you’re planning a move this summer, keep in mind that most household items need climate controlled storage units. They are designed to protect your belongings from the damage caused by heat and humidity and to keep you more comfortable while loading your storage units. There’s a good chance you’ll
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A 101 Guide to Planning and Designing a Kitchen Remodel

Closeup of a contractors clipboard as he writes up an estimate for designing a kitchen remodel.

  Remodeling any part of your home is daunting. While some areas, like your garden or yard, might be easier to revamp by using tools like an electric lawn mower, designing a kitchen remodel can be an intimidating task. That’s due to the overwhelming number of choices available, even if you simply want to update
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New Jersey Home Renovation Trends for 2018

close up of a couple-remodeling-new-jersey-home

  Times are changing in the housing market. With the speed of modern looks and personality, homes are starting to be remodeled left and right. The thought slips in your head once, and then you look around your house and notice all of these sections that can be updated dramatically. Now, it’s time to gain
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Moving to Georgia (Part2) | The Best Atlanta Suburbs for Millennials, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Families

  In Part 2 of our series on the best Atlanta Suburbs, we drill down to why so many people are moving to Atlanta. Some of the greatest suburbs in the nation are often located near big cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Houston. The Atlanta metro is connected by MARTA the region’s commuter rail network.
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The 4 Essential Moving Day Meals for Omnivores

  You’ve packed the boxes. You’ve hired the truck. You’ve reserved your storage unit. But what are you going to eat? This extremely important question is often overlooked on moving day. With the powers of these 4 essential moving day meals for omnivores, you will set yourself up for success on the big day.  
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Moving to Georgia (Part 1): The Best Atlanta Suburbs for Education, Arts, and Sustainability

  Between cultural, ethnic, and geographic diversity and historical significance, Atlanta has a lot to offer people living in and moving to the area. Atlanta is made up of a complex network of neighborhoods in its Metroplex. While the urban areas of Midtown, Downtown, and Buckhead are attractive for professionals and artists, the best Atlanta
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Moving and Living Abroad | Things to Know before You Go

map, shoes, hat, sunglasses moving and living abroad concept

  Moving and living abroad is both exciting and daunting, wonderful and challenging. Your experience will vary greatly depending on where you’re going, but one thing will stay the same: adjusting to change. Whether you’re living in Thailand for a year or permanently emigrating to France, you will discover a totally new way of existing
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Student Storage Deals | Find Clean, Reliable Storage Units Near Your Campus

after finding great students storage deals these happy college kids move into a dorm

Finding the best student storage deals is easy if you plan ahead. Procrastinate and finding cheap storage gets harder as summer approaches. Moreover, living in cramped quarters brings home the fact that there are only so many nooks, cubbies, and crannies to cram stuff into in a dorm room. When faced with sharing a room,
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How to Shrink Wrap Furniture and Hard-to-Pack Household Items

professional movers know how to shrink wrap furniture before moving

  Knowing how to shrink wrap furniture and awkward items can save you a lot of hassle during a move. Shrink wrap can keep household items secure and protected. It saves you from worrying about damage and dirt, and it helps keep loose things like wires and drawers in place. Better yet, shrinkwrap, when appropriately
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Going Green | Home Remodels that Add Value and Comfort

beautiful kitchen with natural light going green home remodel blog

  Are you faced with either moving to downsize or remodeling to age in place? Maybe your family is outgrowing your home but you’re in the town’s top school district. Every year millions of Americans are faced with the choice to remodel or move. Deciding which is right for you can be difficult. However, if
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How Much Does Self Storage Cost in Largo, Florida?

couple walking along Florida beach

  Have you ever found yourself asking “Where are the cheapest storage units near me?” In today’s economic environment most everyone likes to save a buck whenever possible and looking for the cheapest self storage options in Largo, FL is no exception. Besides, with so many beautiful beaches and fun things to do in Largo,
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Reasons to Consider Self Storage When Selling Your Home

couple contemplating self storage while sitting in living room surrounded by boxes

  You’ve decided to sell your home. Perhaps the listing contract is already in place with your real estate agent. This is the time when a seller begins to appreciate all the work it takes to get a home ready for sale. An owner might be downsizing. The closets could be overflowing. Furniture might make
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6 Interesting Things To Do in Corpus Christi to Cross Off Your Bucket List

corpus christi city skyline view inspires things to do in corpus christi

  If you find yourself looking for things to do in Corpus Christi, whether as a visitor or as a long-term resident, chances are you’ll want to explore the area and see what South Texas has to offer! While there are many things to do in the area, both indoors and outdoors, here are some
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7 Free Things to Cross off your Chicago Bucket List (In the cold!)

Multiracial Millennials indoors escaping freezing weather

  Creating a bucket list is easy. Funding it can be a challenge. From the Lincoln Park Zoo (yes, it’s free every day of the year!) to the sights and sounds of Millenium Park, crossing things off your Chicago bucket list has never been cheaper.

Metro Self Storage Opens New Addison Storage Facility!

New Addison Storage Facility in Illinois

  Would you like to keep your valued possessions at a modern storage facility in Addison, Illinois? If you travel along the I-355 and I-290 Interchange, you’ve undoubtedly noticed, there’s a brand new storage facility in Addison. Illinois-based Metro Self Storage is pleased to announce our state-of-the-art Addison storage facility is now open for business!

Tips for Keeping the Peace when your Children Share a Bedroom

little sisters playing on bunkbed

  When your children share a bedroom it can go in two directions. A shared bedroom can either be a source of endless fighting, or it can lead to good memories and bonding between siblings. Can you prevent one and encourage the other? Is it even possible to influence your kids’ relationship?  In a word,
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Self Storage Makes St. Patrick’s Day More Fun

Self Storage Makes St Patricks Day More Fun

  Even though self storage as a useful place to keep things while moving or living in a small apartment, it comes in handy during the holidays too. Self storage makes St. Patrick’s Day more fun by giving party planners the extra space they need for things like tables, chairs, decorations, and more!

Where Not to Store your Guitar and Other Stringed Musical Instruments

man playing guitar with woman onlooker

  Where you store your guitar and other types of wooden instruments will determine their longevity. Stringed instruments are some of the pinnacles of music creation. From Stradivarius Violins to the wide world of classical guitars, these creations are as delicate as they are priceless.

The Ultimate Guide to Commuting in Minnesota

cars commuting in Minneapolis Minnesota

If you’re thinking of moving to a new city (or even a new state), you should give the Twin Cities a long look. Time and again, Minnesota has proven itself to be one of the best places to live—it’s even one of the happiest places in the country, according to some (well, most) sources. Maybe
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