Metro Self Storage Opens New Addison Storage Facility!

New Addison Storage Facility in Illinois

  Would you like to keep your valued possessions at a modern storage facility in Addison, Illinois? If you travel along the I-355 and I-290 Interchange, you’ve undoubtedly noticed, there’s a brand new storage facility in Addison. Illinois-based Metro Self Storage is pleased to announce our state-of-the-art Addison storage facility is now open for business!

Tips for Keeping the Peace when your Children Share a Bedroom

little sisters playing on bunkbed

  When your children share a bedroom it can go in two directions. A shared bedroom can either be a source of endless fighting, or it can lead to good memories and bonding between siblings. Can you prevent one and encourage the other? Is it even possible to influence your kids’ relationship?  In a word,
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Self Storage Makes St. Patrick’s Day More Fun

Self Storage Makes St Patricks Day More Fun

  Even though self storage as a useful place to keep things while moving or living in a small apartment, it comes in handy during the holidays too. Self storage makes St. Patrick’s Day more fun by giving party planners the extra space they need for things like tables, chairs, decorations, and more!

Where Not to Store your Guitar and Other Stringed Musical Instruments

man playing guitar with woman onlooker

  Where you store your guitar and other types of wooden instruments will determine their longevity. Stringed instruments are some of the pinnacles of music creation. From Stradivarius Violins to the wide world of classical guitars, these creations are as delicate as they are priceless.

The Ultimate Guide to Commuting in Minnesota

cars commuting in Minneapolis Minnesota

If you’re thinking of moving to a new city (or even a new state), you should give the Twin Cities a long look. Time and again, Minnesota has proven itself to be one of the best places to live—it’s even one of the happiest places in the country, according to some (well, most) sources. Maybe
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Quick and Easy Wine Storage Tips for Texans (in Less Than Ten Minutes)

Wine Storage Tips Kingwood, TX

  Our quick and easy wine storage tips will have you looking like a sommelier in less than 10 minutes. Okay, maybe not quite at that level but close. Have you ever wondered why wine improves with age? So many things do. The great English Philosopher and Statesman, Francis Bacon, explains why, “ … age
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The Best Rock Climbing Destinations in the Midwest

girl rock climbing in the Midwest

  The best rock climbing destinations in the Midwest are somewhat less famous, but have many unique characteristics and offer many experiences for those brave enough to seek them. The sport of outdoor climbing is complex and deeply linked with the sense of adventure and exploration.  All across the world natural rock formations exist, waiting
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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day On A Tight Budget

young couple on tight budget running valentine's day balloon

  On a tight budget this February? No problem! Valentine’s Day is about love, not money. With a little time and creativity, you can create a Valentine’s Day experience that shows your love without breaking the bank. In fact, a tight budget can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. It can make you more romantic,
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Why You Need Climate-Controlled Storage in the Midwest

cloudy sky climate-controlled storage concept

  Storage experts recommend climate-controlled storage in the Midwest during the winter and summer because of the dramatic temperature swings these states experience. From below freezing temperatures to sweltering heat and humidity, Midwest weather patterns are often unpredictable.

Which is Cheaper, Buying a House in the Winter or Summer?

mother young daughter in front of new home

  Summer is a popular season for moving, but what’s cheaper, buying a house in the summer or winter? Summer is a popular time for moving and house hunting, but is it really the best season for buying a house?

Moving to Texas? 4 of the Best El Paso Suburbs

downtown El Paso suburbs at sunset

Featured image photo credit: Brian Wancho Photography   Nestled in the far western corner of Texas, El Paso is on the Rio Grande (Río Bravo del Norte) and right across the U.S.-Mexico border from Ciudad Juárez. El Paso is the state’s 6th largest city and ranks as one of the best cities to live in
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What types of Animals Will I See at the Milwaukee County Zoo?

Kazi the giraffe at milwaukee county zoo

  There’s nothing quite like spending the day at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Not only will you see incredible animals from all over the world, but visiting the zoo is a fun way to learn about conservation, the environment, animal behavior and their natural habitats. Of course, there’s nothing like seeing your children amazed as
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Super Easy Ways To Declutter After The Holidays


  We all know Christmas can be a little chaotic, and with the addition of new toys, gadgets, and other goodies, your home can start to feel cluttered and disorganized. January is the perfect time to purge and make room for the new. Why not donate the things you no longer need or use? You
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Travel to Tampa | 18 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

Travel to Tampa beach concept

  There are plenty of reasons to start packing for a trip to Tampa. The region’s beauty is defined by year-round sunshine that brings warm weather so typical of Florida. Travel to Tampa, and find the perfect destination whether you love outdoor adventure travel, urban experiences, or both. Tampa has a spot for you. Besides
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Downtown Naperville Riverwalk | Your Guide to Special Events and More!

Downtown Naperville with lights on trees at night

  Do you suddenly find yourself with some free time in the West Chicago suburbs? Sure you could run errands, study or get some extra work done, but how about playing tourist in your hometown? There are a few things that everyone in Chicagoland should experience, especially near the Downtown Naperville Riverwalk, and there’s no
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Ease the Christmas Rush. Home Organizing Tips for the Holidays.

Christmas to do list concept for home organizing tips

  If you Google “Home Organizing Tips for the Holidays,” in exactly 0.37 seconds you will get 101,000 results. Two questions immediately come to mind: Where does one possibly begin, and aren’t the holidays already stressful enough?

City Guide: Things To Do During Winter in Minneapolis

winter in Minneapolis downtown skyline view from sculpture garden

by Haley Kaiser It’s mid-November, and the familiar frosty bite of winter has come over one of our favorite towns in the Midwest: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Okay, it’s no lie, December through March is considered to be frigid and, even at times, extreme. But whereas some may shy away from these wintry conditions, those in one
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How Pantry Organization Makes the Holidays Better

Pantry organization makes baking holiday cookies easier concept

  Every holiday season is an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. However, if you’re in charge of cooking, you can easily miss out on this opportunity by getting stuck in the kitchen the whole time. One way to avoid this problem is to organize your pantry before the holiday rush. Here’s
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How to Hide Big (and Small) Christmas Presents from Clever Kids

santa hiding small Christmas present

  Knowing where and how to hide Christmas presents can be difficult if you have smart kids. They’re sharp enough to pick up on little clues, and they have enough time during the holidays to snoop out any poorly hidden gifts. Figuring out how to hide big Christmas presents from these dedicated, clever kids gets
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Fun Things To Do In Chicago During Winter

beautiful woman in chicago during christmas smiling

  If you are looking for fun things to do in Chicago this winter, you’re in luck. It turns out the Windy City is a popular destination this time of year for tourists and Chicago suburbanites alike.