How Millennials Meet People and Make New Friends When Relocating for Work

group gathered around office table how millennials meet people concept

  How millennials make new friends after a move is a lot like dating. Sometimes, it’s easy and natural, but most of the time, it’s difficult, awkward, and fraught with uncertainty. Millennials are waiting longer to get married, shy away from buying a home, and switch jobs every two to three years. Like their phones, millennials
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More Americans are Remodeling to Age in Place Instead of Moving to Downsize

seniors arm in arm on sofa remodeling to age in place blog

  Once the kids go off to college, most people will start thinking about downsizing. While it may seem a little early to think about what life will be like post-retirement, the home you live in today will impact your options years down the road. As you get close to post-retirement, your tasked with making
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Do’s and Don’ts of Refurbishing a Historic Home in Knoxville, TN

young couple having fun refurbishing a historic home in knoxville

  Knoxville, Tennessee is an area rich with history and beautiful homes; it’s why refurbishing a historic home in Knoxville is a trend gaining in popularity. From its beginnings as a jewel on the bridge from the east to the Midwest to its role in the Civil War, and now its present-day status as one of
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Metro Self Storage Opens Brand New Naperville Storage Facility

Metro Self Storage opens brand new Naperville storage facility near Chicago

  Illinois-based Metro Self Storage is pleased to announce the grand opening of our brand new Naperville Storage facility on N. Aurora Road. Unique to the area, this ground-level storage center offers the ultimate in convenience to nearby residents and business owners looking for climate-controlled storage units.   As an early pioneer of self storage,
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New Addison Self Storage Facility | Metro Self Storage Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

Metro Self Storage in Addison, IL grand opening and ribbon cutting party

  You’re invited to join the festivities with your friends and neighbors! Metro Self Storage Ribbon Cutting Party in Addison, IL Metro is pleased to announce a ribbon-cutting to celebrate our new Addison self storage facility located on West Lake Street. With easy access from I-355, everyone is welcome to stop by for tours of
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New Naperville Storage Facility on N. Aurora Road

metro self storage new naperville storage facility architectural rendering

  Illinois-based Metro Self Storage is pleased to announce the grand opening of our storage facility in Naperville, IL. Unique to the area, our ground-level storage units offer the ultimate in convenience. If you’re looking for climate-controlled storage units don’t miss Naperville’s newest self storage facility featuring climate-controlled storage units. As an early pioneer of
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Easy Green Home Upgrades to Make Before Listing Your Home

smiling woman watering indoor houseplants it is easy being green home upgrades blog

  No matter what time of year it is, there are reasons we want or need to sell our home. Before listing your home for sale, we have some hot tips on clean, easy green home upgrades that might help you sell your home faster. And if you and your potential buyers feel better about
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2 Girls and a Cat Driving a Moving Truck to Chicago

  When I agreed to help my best friend Samantha with a DIY move from San Francisco to Chicago, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. When I moved to Chicago from California two months earlier, it was via airplane, so I was excited about my first cross-country road trip. It’s important
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9 Ways to Make Moving Easier for Young Children

happy mom and dad and smiling little girl with soccer ball moving into new home

  Moving is stressful for people of all ages, but young children are especially sensitive to moving. They’re old enough to feel grief and anger about the change, yet too young to understand the reasons behind it. They have to cope with this confusion in addition to the other stresses of the move. Fortunately, there
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Metro Self Storage Celebrates Brand New St. Charles Self Storage Facility

Ribbon cutting at brand new st. charles self storage facility with climate control units

  Chicago-based Metro Self Storage celebrated the grand opening of its 22nd store in Illinois on May 23rd.  We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate the grand opening of our new St. Charles Self Storage facility! It’s one of the few modern self storage facilities in St. Charles
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The Best Neighborhoods in Knoxville for Lifestyle and Culture

the best neighborhoods in knoxville tn are easy to find on a map

  The best neighborhoods in Knoxville have two things in common: they’re beautiful, and they have a great culture. If you’re moving to Knoxville and are worried about where you’ll live, rest assured: Knoxville is diverse and culturally-rich. There’s sure to be a neighborhood you’ll love.

Moving to Illinois? The Best Chicago Suburbs for Families

family happy to unpack boxes in their new chicago suburbs home

Are you dreaming about moving to one of the best Chicago Suburbs in Illinois? Beginning in May, people from all over the country start making plans to move to a new home or apartment. Some people move across town and others across the country. Here in Chicago, moving over the summer months is a million
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How to Keep Mold Monsters (and Other Gross Things) Out of Your Storage Unit

mold monster concept with cute googly eyes

  If you’re planning to move, there’s a good chance you’ll rely on self storage during your transition. Besides moving, people utilize off-site storage space during other types of life transitions as well as for seasonal storage. Most household items need climate controlled storage units to protect them from ice-cold temperatures, rainy and wet conditions,
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Why You Need Climate Controlled Storage in Hot, Humid Climates

need climate controlled storage heat wave in the city and hand showing thermometer for high temp

  No matter where you live if you’re planning a move this summer, keep in mind that most household items need climate controlled storage units. They are designed to protect your belongings from the damage caused by heat and humidity and to keep you more comfortable while loading your storage units. There’s a good chance you’ll
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A 101 Guide to Planning and Designing a Kitchen Remodel

Closeup of a contractors clipboard as he writes up an estimate for designing a kitchen remodel.

  Remodeling any part of your home is daunting. While some areas, like your garden or yard, might be easier to revamp by using tools like an electric lawn mower, designing a kitchen remodel can be an intimidating task. That’s due to the overwhelming number of choices available, even if you simply want to update
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New Jersey Home Renovation Trends for 2018

close up of a couple-remodeling-new-jersey-home

  Times are changing in the housing market. With the speed of modern looks and personality, homes are starting to be remodeled left and right. The thought slips in your head once, and then you look around your house and notice all of these sections that can be updated dramatically. Now, it’s time to gain
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Moving to Georgia (Part2) | The Best Atlanta Suburbs for Millennials, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Families

  In Part 2 of our series on the best Atlanta Suburbs, we drill down to why so many people are moving to Atlanta. Some of the greatest suburbs in the nation are often located near big cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Houston. The Atlanta metro is connected by MARTA the region’s commuter rail network.
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The 4 Essential Moving Day Meals for Omnivores

  You’ve packed the boxes. You’ve hired the truck. You’ve reserved your storage unit. But what are you going to eat? This extremely important question is often overlooked on moving day. With the powers of these 4 essential moving day meals for omnivores, you will set yourself up for success on the big day.  
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Moving to Georgia (Part 1): The Best Atlanta Suburbs for Education, Arts, and Sustainability

  Between cultural, ethnic, and geographic diversity and historical significance, Atlanta has a lot to offer people living in and moving to the area. Atlanta is made up of a complex network of neighborhoods in its Metroplex. While the urban areas of Midtown, Downtown, and Buckhead are attractive for professionals and artists, the best Atlanta
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Moving and Living Abroad | Things to Know before You Go

map, shoes, hat, sunglasses moving and living abroad concept

  Moving and living abroad is both exciting and daunting, wonderful and challenging. Your experience will vary greatly depending on where you’re going, but one thing will stay the same: adjusting to change. Whether you’re living in Thailand for a year or permanently emigrating to France, you will discover a totally new way of existing
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