10 Ideas to Spend Your Reward Bonus Savings

With the Metro Self Storage referral reward program you can enjoy an evening out, or a relaxing afternoon doing something you love! Metro Self Storage® can help you have a fun experience with our Referral Rewards Program.  Simply refer a friend or family member who rents a unit from us, and we give you a $25 credit off your next month’s rent.  There are no limits to the number of referrals.

That’s right, at every Metro Self Storage® location, our customers can earn $25 with Metro’s Referral Reward Program.

Imagine what you can do with just two referrals — $50 in your pocket!  If you’re hard-pressed to think of anything, here are a few suggestions on what do with the money you save with the Metro Self Storage referral reward program :


  • Movie and snacks for two: Take a friend to see a summer blockbuster, plus concessions, on us!
  • Movie at home: Skip the cinema and go for Video on Demand, and get some carry-out from that place around the corner you’ve always wanted to try.  Make it even better by inviting a neighbor or friend.
  • Mani/Pedi: Are you on your feet all week? Sit back and relax for a combination manicure and pedicure.
  • Comedy Show: Check out a local comedy club.
  • Picnic: Gas up your vehicle, build a delicious picnic and go to your special picnic place!  If you don’t have one – create one!
  • Dance lessons: It takes two to tango…or go by yourself to learn the salsa. Rhythm not guaranteed.  ER visits extra (in case of dancing injury.)
  • Bowling: Round up your buddies & head to the alley for some good old-fashioned competition.
  • Wine tasting: Attend a wine tasting to expand your vino savvy.
  • Swimming & Sauna: Take a friend swimming and relax stress away in a sauna.
  • Rock climbing: Take on the challenge of an indoor climbing wall, and bring a friend for an average cost of—you guessed it—$50.


With all of these fantastic options for a fun outing or just some rest & relaxation, the value of earning $25 via the Metro Self Storage referral reward program is obvious. For any friends or family, you successfully refer to Metro Self Storage, we’ll give you $25.

Take the money you save and enjoy!