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kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodel: How to Pay Less for Appliances


We have all heard the saying, “They don’t make ‘em the way they used to,” and that has never been truer than for appliances.If you are planning a kitchen remodel, how to pay less for appliances is no doubt at the top of your list.

Anyone who has purchased more than one appliance in their lifetime understands this harsh new reality. What used to last for 25+ years now lasts for 12 years, maybe. If you’re lucky. 

Saving a buck doesn’t mean that you have to feel like you are sacrificing on quality either—we will help you figure out ways to save on the bottom line all while going green and creating a new, beautiful kitchen.

Look for product rebates & promotional offers on energy efficient appliances

While there are low-cost appliances out there, affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap or junk. Amana, Bosch, Frigidaire, and Samsung are all respected manufacturers. If you want to save money and the planet, check for special offers on appliances through the Energy Star certified appliances program. Simply type in your zip code in the rebate finder on the website.    

The Energy Star website also provides a refrigerator retirement savings calculator to help you determine how much you can save by replacing an older refrigerator with a newer, energy-efficient model. Also, ask your sales person if there are other types of rebates, including those offered through your local utility company, before you fall in love with an appliance.

Shop on holidays and in September, October, and January

The best time to buy a refrigerator is in May, right before new models roll out for the summer. For other appliances—dishwashers, ovens, and over-the-range microwaves—looks for steep discounts over President’s Day, Memorial Day, Black Friday, and Labor Day holidays.

Buy an appliance package

You can double up on manufacturer’s rebates when you buy an appliance package—range, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. Brands that bundle their appliances include Frigidaire, Bosch, Samsung, and KitchenAid.

What is nice about these packages is that you can get beautiful stainless steel appliances with matching handles and finishes, and all at a great discount because you are buying several products from the same manufacturer.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Even though banners may not by flying, it is very common for the salespeople to strike a deal to meet sales goals. It is very likely that they will be more willing to negotiate with you towards the end of their monthly or quarterly deadlines. This strategy is advisable for any major appliance, including dishwashers, refrigerators, ranges, washing machines, and dryers.

If you can’t wait that long, keep in mind, people buy from people, and if you can establish a good rapport with your local appliance salesperson, he or she will work hard to make you happy. Even if that means offering a discount.

Why buy new appliances during your kitchen remodel?

Whether you are undertaking a full kitchen remodel, or simply updating one or more of your appliances, it is important to think about your ROI or Return on Investment. In other words, what will it cost you compared to the value it will bring if you plan to resell your home? The good news is that a kitchen remodel will typically recoup an average of 66% ROI. However, again, this is only if you are selling your home.  

With brand new sparkling appliances, maybe you will get in touch with your inner Rachel Ray or Bobby Flay and cook more at home, which will save you tons of money by not dining out.

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