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Celebrate Your Boss with These Business Storage Solutions

At this point in October, you’re probably wondering what Halloween will look like this year. All we need now is a Zombie Apocolypse, right? Seriously though, there is another October holiday you may not know about. Don’t forget to celebrate National Boss’s Day on October 16th!

Whether you’re working with a disorganized supervisor, a director who leans towards OCD, or an in-between manager, it’s time to think like a boss. 

We’ve got some easy ideas that are bottom-line friendly to show how much you care; Celebrate your boss with these business storage benefits.

Flexible Leases and Online Payments

Show your boss some appreciation by going the extra mile to solve excess retail inventory or office furniture storage issues, for example. Providing a storage solution for your company’s specific needs will show how much you care without giving the appearance of fawning.

When it comes to business storage units, online payment options will give your company the flexibility of paying from a mobile phone or desktop computer any time—day or night. 

Remember that choosing a storage facility means you’ll avoid commercial lease rates, which can be financially prohibitive. Included in your monthly storage fee includes things like excellent customer service, on-site maintenance, 24-hour security features, and climate control where applicable. 

Your boss will surely celebrate a bottom-line friendly solution to business storage. 

Create More Efficient Work Spaces

Another nice thing to do for your boss is to help solve space issues. Many companies and businesses have already transitioned their employees and supervisors to work from home. In some cases, employees are receiving stipends to help cover the costs of their Internet service providers, phones, printers, computers, and other types of equipment. 

In other cases, companies are looking to rework their physical spaces and reduce office clutter. Business storage units can come in handy if offices are temporarily downsizing to reduce their commercial lease costs. 

If your company owns its office furniture and equipment, your boss may find benefit from storing these items for a specified duration while we all work together to get through this pandemic.

Secure, Clean, and Convenient Business Storage

While there are challenges of showing appreciation on boss’s day, we make it easy to choose a leading business storage solution. Companies of all types and sizes have a long-standing record of utilizing self storage to store valuable equipment and tools, documents, inventory, furniture, and more. 

Finding the right storage solution is a top priority from landscape contractors and real estate stagers to high-tech offices and retail stores and restaurants. 

Look for a secure, clean, and convenient self storage facility and equally important is friendly, knowledgeable customer service. The best storage facilities showcase industry-leading security features that include 24-hour recorded video surveillance, ample lighting, fenced perimeters, coded keypad gate access, and in some cases, property managers who live on-site and patrol facilities regularly.

Here are the types of features and benefits you can expect at Metro Self Storage facilities. With more than 45-years of experience and 140 locations, our storage team is here to help your team any time of year. 

Secure: Our industry-leading security features include 24-hour recorded video surveillance, ample lighting, fenced perimeters, coded keypad gate access, motion-sensor lighting, storage to office communications, and property managers who live on-site and patrol facilities regularly.

Clean: We take cleanliness seriously. Metro Self Storage adheres to the highest industry standards for operating our facilities, and we have an excellent reputation for providing well-maintained and clean storage facilities. 

Contact-Free Storage Rental Options: Customers can choose their space and rent a storage unit over the phone, online, or a combination of both, all without in-person contact. You’ll find your lock and contract in your storage unit waiting for you. Need to call after hours or have a general question? Call (888) GO-METRO or (888-466-3876).

The History of National Boss’s Day

While working as a secretary for her father at State Farm Insurance Co. in Deerfield, Illinois, Patricia Bays Haroski laid the groundwork for National Boss’s Day. 

Ms. Horoski wanted to honor her father on his birthday, which was you guessed it celebrated on October 16th. After registering the secular holiday with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958. Illinois then state Governor Otto Kerner, proclaimed the day an official holiday in 1962. 

By 1979, American workers generally recognized National Boss’s Day throughout the United States. Today, we celebrate bosses in countries worldwide, including Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa, and the U.K.

Climate-Controlled Commercial Storage Units 

The most common advice given to employees is—offer solutions, not problems—to strengthen relationships with supervisors and managers. When it comes to self storage units for any business, climate control is probably going to be your best choice. 

The benefits of climate control can’t be understated. As one of the most popular choices in hot, humid climates, temperature-controlled units will give you and your boss peace of mind. 

A climate-controlled storage facility guarantees an interior temperature range of 55-85°F in addition to controlled humidity levels 365 days a year. Here at Metro Self Storage, we offer a wide range of climate-controlled storage unit sizes to meet commercial and business storage needs. 

Don’t forget the added perk of climate-controlled facilities because they will help keep you and your team protected from inclement or uncomfortably hot weather whenever you’re visiting.

In Summary

National Boss’s Day is October 16th, and in today’s unprecedented times, there are new challenges facing businesses every day. So why not have let your manager or supervisor know they’re appreciated.  

Self storage gives companies the ability to rent for as much or as little time as needed without the hassle of relocating or signing a commercial lease. 

More importantly, because most of us are working from home offices, it’s okay to forgo traditional boss appreciation gifts like coffee mugs and fountain pens. Now more than ever, businesses need a bottom-line friendly approach to shifting their space requirements. 

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