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How Storage Lockers Help Brooklyn Contractors and Tradespeople

  If you are one of the many Brooklyn contractors helping to keep our city beautiful and livable, we want to begin by saying thank you! You most likely have many valuable tools and other types of equipment that you need regularly. Building and remodeling in a big city like Brooklyn are both rewarding and challenging. Not everyone is suited for traipsing up 30-story buildings! Whether you renovate Brooklyn brownstones or are the repair professional people rely upon to keep their plumbing working correctly, you want your tools to be in working order and handy whenever you need them. But what about the times you don’t need all of your tools, or you want to go on an extended vacation. [...]

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5 Ways to Use Self Storage that Will Simplify Your Life

  Self storage is useful for so many situations, and it would be hard to imagine what they all are! Even so, that doesn’t stop us from trying. This blog is dedicated to helping our visitors understand how self storage can help make life more manageable during life transitions such as moving, selling a home, or expecting a new baby. The possibilities are endless. We work hard to bring you moving and storage tips, tricks, and expert advice. Our goal? To help you create more space and make life more manageable in ways you never imagined. Whether you are rolling up your sleeves for a little spring cleaning or taking on an ambitious endeavor like moving across the country for [...]

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Make Holiday Decoration Storage Easy with Metro Self Storage in Brooklyn

  The guests have all gone home and you’re facing New Year’s resolutions with an optimistic attitude. But you still have to pack up all the holiday decorations. That’s no small task. We totally get it. That’s why you can make the job a lot less stressful by storing your holiday decorations in storage lockers at Metro Self Storage on Knapp Street in Brooklyn.   If saving money after holiday splurges is at the top of your list, we’ve got good news. Our Brooklyn storage lockers are the cheapest storage units we offer. After all, Brooklyn and New York are two cities that have a high cost of living and definitely keep you busy and occupied outside your apartment. [...]

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Your FAQs About Self Storage Answered

Metro Self Storage New Addison, Illinois Indoor Climate Controlled Facility   If you’re new to self storage or need help figuring out whether or not your life transition can be made easier with self storage, you probably have questions. How much does self storage cost? Are self storage facilities really secure? Should I rent a climate-controlled storage unit? What if I change my mind? These are just a few of the questions people ask when deciding whether or not to rent a storage unit and why your friends at Metro Self Storage have put together a helpful list of some of the commonly asked questions we hear from current and prospective tenants. Keep in mind, no matter where you decide [...]

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Storage Unit Sizes: How to Choose the Right Sized Unit Every Time

  Even though storage unit sizes are standardized, most people wing it when choosing a self storage unit for the first time. Naturally, this usually results in renting (and therefore paying for) more space than they need. Even so, budget crashing disasters are avoided every day at Metro Self Storage thanks to our highly trained Property Managers. […]

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Clean Out Your Closets and Donate to These Chicago Organizations

  The turn of the seasons is an ideal time to reevaluate your closet and its contents. Did an entire summer pass by without wearing your orange swimsuit? Or that floppy straw hat you’ve had since you were in college? Or maybe your style preferences have changed, so you don’t like or wear certain items anymore. Rather than using valuable space in your closet or storage unit, make some room by donating to those in need! Here are five Chicago organizations that deserve your hand me downs. […]

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7 Reasons to Choose Metro Self Storage

  When it comes to choosing a self storage facility, how do you decide? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices around you. How do you know which is right for you? At Metro Self Storage, we simplify your storage experience. Our professionally trained Property Managers are on site at every location to assist with selecting your storage unit and answering all of your questions. […]

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The Best RV Storage Operators Make Vehicle Storage Easy

  Boats and RVs are great for traveling on America’s endless highways and scenic byways. However, finding a place to park oversized vehicles in between trips can be a challenge. That’s why the best RV storage operators in the country recognize the need to provide options for storing recreational vehicles such as boats, campers, motorhomes, and RVs. Market research shows that fewer than 5% of RV and boat owners have a place to store their vehicles at home. Off-site self storage options for recreational toys and vehicles is in high-demand due to the growing popularity and affordability of RVing. […]

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