Desk Organization Tips To Boost Your Productivity


Are you bored at work? Cleaning your desk is a great way to pass the time, while also feeling productive. It might inspire you to get back into your emails and projects that you have been procrastinating.

Maybe you’re busy, feeling overworked, and desk organization is the last item on your list. Either way, cleaning off your desk and adding a few personal touches will inspire you anew.

Before you can be productive at your desk, get productive on your desk. Follow these 8 simple desk organization ideas to have a clean and productive workspace.


Wipe it Down

The best time to wipe down your desk is the end of the day, a couple of times a week. Doing this at the end of the day means you will come to a clean and fresh surface the following morning. If you have a habit of eating lunch at your desk, you might want to do this every day. Don’t forget your keyboard.


Throw Things Away

Do you have a trash can? That is an underrated part of any office. If you have pens or pencils cluttering up your space, discard the ones that are not your favorite, and everyone has a favorite pen. How long do you need to keep that receipt from Lowe’s?

Unnecessary paper is the biggest source of clutter in any office. Set your timer for 8 minutes and throw away as much as you can, you will be amazed at the progress you can make.


Use Drawer Dividers

Avoid having multiple junk drawers in one desk – keep things in their own compartment. You can even use an old muffin tin, or order fun colored silicone ones off Amazon.

When your office supplies all have a designated place, you will know where to put them each time and avoid the build up clutter that comes from tossing things mindlessly into a drawer.


Evaluate the Ergonomics

How can you be productive if you aren’t comfortable? How old is your office chair? Is your keyboard at the right height? Sitting on your bum is hard enough, make sure your setup is conducive to proper posture and comfort to boost your productivity in the office.


Organize Your Computer Desktop

The virtual desktop is just as important as the physical one! Getting started is the hardest part. Create a virtual filing system by category or by date. Be sure to keep this up as you create and save more files. Make it’s time for a new and clean desktop background too.


Open Space

The side for your dominant hand where you keep your mouse should be obstacle free. What you don’t have on your desk is even more important than what you do have. Take each item you have and ask yourself, “does this spark joy?” (thanks Marie Kondo!). The open space on your desk will subconsciously help declutter your mind.


Mix it Up!

While keeping in mind the above open space rule – change the configuration of your desk, for a fresh perspective on work.

Shock your brain going into an environment with a new layout. It’ll bring a slight amount of excitement to your day, just enough to push you through the 3 o’clock slump!


Personal Items

To avoid distractions, try to limit yourself to just three family photos or other personal items on your desk. Don’t go overboard with knick-knacks either. Our brains process everything in front of them, so keeping it minimalistic is key for focus and productivity.

You might have items that are a must – something like an air diffuser with peppermint oil which has been proven to boost productivity.

Use these tips for a productive office environment to set yourself up for success.

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Philadelphia Business Owners: Getting Organized in 2019

Haley Kaiser

In a city as historic as Philadelphia, being organized is a must. Organize the lines, the tourists and tours, and everything involved in visiting such a great city. The businesses that dot the capital also need to be on top of their game, and what better way to make 2019 the year you succeed than by getting properly organized?

How organized your office space and employee’s spaces are can be directly indicative of how organized your entire business is. Also, the organization is about more than just cleaning up and getting rid of outdated paperwork. It’s about the inner workings of your business, as well as how your staff interacts. With our suggestions, you’ll have your business organized in Philadelphia in no time.


De-Clutter Your Office Space

First things first, your business needs to be clean. There is nothing more intimidating than an office filled to the brim with paperwork, clunky technology, and clutter. By paring down what you actually need in your office for it to be functional and what’s just extra is an important step in maximizing your space and storage. The same goes for the rest of the space throughout the office, including your employee’s areas.

If your current furniture doesn’t allow for an organized space, now is the time to upgrade. For you to truly become organized, you need the resources to do so. The process of purchasing new and getting rid of the old can quickly get disorganized itself.

Do the due diligence of making a checklist to guide you through the process. Allocate budget for haulers to mess of getting rid of the old furniture. Or, decide to sell the old furniture and put the profit towards your upgrades!

If there are items you don’t want to recycle, you can always invest in a storage space like Metro Self Storage. With units from 3×5 all the way up to 25×80, as well as parking spaces for company vehicles, it’s a great option to keep your stuff tidy and safe. Especially in the interim of selling and replacing furniture.


Get on Top of Your Appearance

beautiful Philadelphia business owners shared client waiting room

Once your business is de-cluttered, things need to look aesthetically pleasing. Once your business is de-cluttered, things need to look aesthetically pleasing. With so many businesses in Philadelphia, you want to make sure you make a great first impression. After all, people could just go to your competitor down the street. A great way to draw people in is with a clean and tidy appearance.

Routinely make sure that your windows are cleaned, signs are in good repair, and that anything a customer can see is done up nicely. Create an inviting lobby space where your guests can not only wait but get comfortable and feel appreciated by providing refreshments and snacks.

By making things look good, your office will be more productive, and thus more amenable to an organized work day. Chaos breeds chaos, so if things ever start to look a little messy, take action against it and get everyone back on track.


Go Paperless

We use so much unnecessary paper these days, and a great way to organize your business is to go green. Send items and memos via email or communication platforms like Slack and Trello. Not only will you get rid of paperwork you don’t need, but you’ll be using cutting edge technology to get rid of extra clutter. Your customers will thank you too.

People vastly prefer receiving an email they can archive than bills and communications in their mailbox that they either have to store, causing their own clutter, or just throw away. By going paperless you’ll make organization fully online or in your network, as well as saving the Earth at the same time.


Organize Your Work Day

planner pad and cup of coffee philadelphia business owners organization concept

Schedules make the world go around in business. If your day isn’t organized, then your business won’t be. Keep a clear schedule for your day-to-day operations, as well as long term. This can be anything from a daily agenda on what you and your team hope to accomplish to down-to-the-minute meeting and task times.

However, this needs to be a system that can be implemented into a business-wide organizational plan. When everyone knows where they need to be and what they need to be doing, things go a lot smoother.

You can help this by getting rid of outdated technology and upgrading to better computer programs, systems, and networks. Look at how you want your business to grow and find the best solutions to keep you organized so that can actually happen.


Stay on Top of It

When you receive an email, answer it. When someone asks you a question, answer it. If there’s an opportunity to meet with a client, do it. If you organize your working style to be productive, your business will follow suit. By being proactive, you’ll be setting yourself up for success, as well as your business.

Make a to-do list every day and encourage your co-workers to do the same. This will keep everyone organized in their daily tasks as well as remind them to get things done in a timely manner instead of relegating them to the back of their minds to either be forgotten about or done later than they needed to be.

If a traditional to-do list has failed you or your employees in the past, consider trying new to-do list methods.

Organizing your business in a city as vibrant and busy as Philadelphia is a daunting task, but with the above suggestions, you’ll be organized in 2019 with no problem.


Guest blogger, Haley Kaiser, has a passion for creative writing, blogging, and exploring the outdoors. Among her favorite topics are Arizona sunsets, Midwest greenery, and craft beer.


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If you’re spending a lot of time indoors, a little home organization can simplify your life making you feel happier and less stressed. With everything organized, your home will become a place of calm instead of chaos, helping you relax despite the lack of sun. Here are some great winter organizing tips and ideas to get you started!

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Why not donate the things you no longer need or use? You can feel good about wrapping up the festivities and starting the year off right with these super easy ways to declutter after the holidays.  

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Tips to Teach your Kids Bedroom Organization


Are you frustrated by how quickly your child’s bedroom becomes cluttered and disorganized? Does it turn chaotic as soon as you’re done tidying up? You’re not alone. For many parents, a messy kid’s bedroom is a source of conflict and annoyance, both for them and their child. The child doesn’t like being nagged, while the parents despair about their child’s disorganization and uncleanliness.

However, keeping a child’s bedroom tidy doesn’t have to be a never-ending fight. With the right strategies, you can teach your kids bedroom organization skills they can use throughout their lives. The following guidelines can help them learn to tackle the mess to keep their bedroom clean and organized.
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Bedroom Storage on a Budget

Clothes on the ground. Papers stacked up on the desk. A lone shoe missing its mate. Does that sound like your bedroom storage? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to get organized.
When most people think of affordable bedroom storage, they think of big ugly boxes, plastic totes, or DIY furniture from big-box stores. Metro Self Storage is here to change your mind and offer an alternative. Here are a few ideas to help you organize your bedroom and do it in style.

Five Cheap and Easy Ways to Organize Your Bedroom

Buy Bed Risers

Call it a trick from our college days. If you’re living, or have ever lived in a dorm, then you know that when space is tight, you’ve gotta get creative. Bed risers are the perfect budget solution to give you more space and help you get organized. Sold in sets of four, some lifts can raise your bed up to six inches. While that might not sound like much, you’d be surprised at the amount of storage space you actually get with six extra inches. You can purchase bed risers for under $10 from many retailers and big-box stores, including Target, The Container Store, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Continue reading “Bedroom Storage on a Budget”

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It’s Never Too Late To Celebrate National Clean Out Your Garage Day


Even though National Clean Out Your Garage Day happens every year, becoming a National Holiday isn’t easy. It begs the question—is there a compelling reason to dedicate an entire day to organizing a garage? Turns out, there is. Of the nearly 1,000 garage owners Consumer Reports polled in a recent nationwide survey, a whopping 62% said their garages were overcrowded. Continue reading “It’s Never Too Late To Celebrate National Clean Out Your Garage Day”

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Clothes Storage Solutions to Keep Your Clothes Fresh


Sweaters are great for December but do you really need your summer dresses and shirts after summer is over? When the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. Unfortunately, closets are often too small, and even walk-in closets don’t offer enough clothes storage if you are sharing with a roommate or spouse.

The solution? Seasonal clothes storage will instantly give you more closet space. However tempting it may be to store extra clothes in the garage, basement, or attic, these spaces can be detrimental to your clothing. Especially, if it is hot or humid where you live. Where and how you store your clothes determines how long they last. 

Seasonal clothes storage will inspire you to declutter your closet and keep it organized. We offer you a few simple steps and the best solutions to keep your clothes fresh and ready-to-wear when the seasons change.

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Garage Storage Made Easy | Moving and Organizing Advice


Is your car ready to take back its rightful spot in the garage? Our garage storage made easy tips can help you do just that. Every neighborhood has at least one garage that looks organized by someone suffering from OCD, a cross between a hospital operating room and a home improvement store ad. However, truth be told, deep down, we think, “If only I could have a garage that looked half as good as that!”

My garage looks like the stock room of the local Goodwill store. What’s in your garage? If you are ready to crush the clutter in your garage, here are some organizational tips and tools to help you get started.


Garages of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Do you ever wonder how garages came about? Me neither, but after a quick Google search, it all makes sense. Before automobiles, people had horses and buggies, which were kept in a carriage house usually located behind the property. Horses make odorous smells, so the further the way from the kitchens and bedrooms, the better.

Automobiles continued to gain popularity in the US, and home builders soon realized around the 1950s that houses sold better with attached garages. Carrying in the groceries sheltered from snow and rain is a luxury suburbanites take for granted because big-city garages are hard to come by.

Today’s garages are used as flexible space and serve many purposes. Some of your neighbors may take a creative approach and turn their garages into man caves, music studios, or a garage-based business start-up. Others have a place to park their cars as well as space for garage storage. 

What will tomorrow’s garage look like? That mostly depends on what the cars of the future will look like, and who better to ask that Jay Leno, a world-renowned car aficionado whose new CNBC show, Jay Leno’s Garage, airs on CNBC Prime Time.


Crush the Clutter in Your Garage



The first step towards garage storage made easy is deciding what stays and what goes. The general rule of thumb for closets is that if you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. However, for garages, the timeframe is longer.

Professional home organizers recommend that if you haven’t used an item housed in your garage for three years, then it is time to either donate it or toss it. If you have items with significant sentimental or financial value, then consider placing them into a secure, convenient self storage facility.


Working Walls Make Great Garage Storage Solutions

hanging bike and accessory rack for garage storage solutions


Create more usable square footage in your garage by using easy-to-install shelving. Pictured here is steel shelving by Monkey Bars, which is a combined hook-and-bar system to create customized garage storage spaces. Depths range from 16-inches to 32-inches deep, allowing you to customize the storage system based on the size of your garage.

The hooks come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities that enable you to hang even heavier items like bikes and golf clubs or lighter things such as strollers, miscellaneous yard tools, tennis rackets, and helmets.


Upgrade the Floor to Keep Your House Cleaner

Antique car stored in garage
Photo Courtesy of Monkey Bars


Chemical-, oil-, and water-resistant, epoxy-based garage floor coatings have come a long way thanks to improved materials and not a moment too soon since the garage is fast becoming more than a place to park your car. This type of flooring does double-duty, durable enough to handle hot tires and de-icing salts and beautiful enough to create a hang-out space.

Not only does a floor coating look beautiful, but it’s also much easier to keep clean. Regular concrete garage floors attract and then kick up dirt and grime, which is tracked into your home. A coated garage floor gets rid of that nuisance and also brightens up the garage space because it is very light-reflective.


Garage Floor Tiles Give Garages a Polished Look

Motorcycle stored in garage
Photo Courtesy of Monkey Bars


If you have limited time, or you are a DIY kind of guy or gal, then you may want to consider garage floor tiles. Tile installation doesn’t require prepping your garage floor for adhesion to a paint or epoxy coating and is less expensive than having a professional do the installation. Price and quality vary, and, depending on where you live, melting snow and subzero temperatures may dictate a high-quality, rigid tile. These types of tiles are advisable if you use kickstands or floor jacks. They are easy to clean and come in perforated versions that drain spills and snowmelt, making slippery spots less of an issue.


Overhead Bins Require Owning a Ladder

Overhead garage storage
Photo Courtesy of Monkey Bars


After making the painful decision of what stays and what goes, it’s time to look up for storage. If you have seasonal ski gear or sentimental items that don’t need climate controlled storage and with which you can’t bear to part—such as your grandfather’s toolbox, toys, or holiday decorations—then, consider installing overhead bins for garage organization. These are ideally suited for the long-term storage of items that you don’t plan to access frequently. Unless you opt for a pulley system like the ones you can find at Home Depot, reaching these items will require a ladder. Also, remember to choose storage containers that are not too large or too heavy.


Conceal Clutter to Create an Enviable Garage 

Garage Storage Cupboards
Photo Courtesy of Monkey Bars


If you, like that neighbor down the street we mentioned earlier, suffer from a touch of OCD, then a behind-closed-doors solution may be the focus of your garage organization project. Free-standing cabinets are easy to install, protect items from dust, and can be designed to accommodate different heights and features to meet your specific storage needs. The interiors are configured with shelving for stacking boxes or with bars and hooks to hide a bag full of soccer balls and sports equipment or garden tools and bikes.


Whether your inspiration for a garage storage made easy comes from the desire to create a man cave or a game center boasting a ping-pong table for family fun night, remember your newly organized space will require maintenance. Just like you take your car in every 5,000 miles for an oil change, your garage will need periodic maintenance too.

Clutter is essentially deferred decision making and what better way to help you remember to declutter your garage than the “National Clean Out Your Garage Day.” Celebrating its 8th year, this relatively new holiday is celebrated the first weekend after Labor Day. Add it to your calendar now to keep your garage looking as good in 2017 as it will in 2016.

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Popular New Year’s Resolutions: Celebrate National Get Organized Month

Clutter happens, often for good reasons, such as a new baby, a death in the family, a move or any other event that throws life out of balance. The New Year is a good time to hit the reset button, and since January is National Get Organized Month why not learn how to organize and simplify your home? Anyone can appreciate a place to rejuvenate after a long day, and without the distraction of clutter all around. Continue reading “Popular New Year’s Resolutions: Celebrate National Get Organized Month”

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The Best Ways to Organize Large Storage Units


Organizing large storage units might seem like a daunting task. Whether a business or personal residence, with a little up-front preparation using our pro storage tips, you create an ideal storage solution. The most familiar way to think of a large storage unit is that it’s roughly equivalent in size to a one-car garage. If you want more organization, larger storage units can give you more flexibility and space.

Large storage units can hold an entire household of belongings, but they are also utilized for storing vehicles, small boats, snowmobiles, and jet skis. The most sought after large storage units are typically 10X20 (200 square feet) and 10X30 (300 square feet).

Follow these steps to keep your large storage unit organized. Making it easier to locate and retrieve your items will save you time and a headache:
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The Best Ways to Organize Small Storage Units


Small storage units come in handy for a wide variety of situations. Whether you need a self storage unit to meet your business storage needs, or to keep clutter at bay while your house is on the market, it doesn’t have to be a place you rarely visit.

On the contrary, with a few helpful tips on how to organize your storage unit, you’ll have no regrets when you can easily find an item you want to retrieve.


4 Organizing tips if you are renting small storage units for personal belongings

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3 Time Saving Post-Holiday Tips to Declutter Any Home


The decorations are put away. The new diet has begun. January is the time of year to renew commitments and refresh goals. This year, Marie Kondo’s decluttering reality TV show on Netflix is the talk around town.

It’s not too late to get a head start on the New Year and begin clearing out the untidiness that might otherwise undermine your best efforts to begin anew. Here are three timesaving tips to help declutter your home.

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