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Moving to Illinois? These Chicago Moving Companies Have You Covered

  According to Consumer Reports, one of the best ways to ensure your move is successful is to hire a local moving company. We couldn’t agree more. Chicago moving companies offer a wide range of services making it easier to find the right one for your situation. If you hire a moving company based in your area, you’ll avoid being duped by an unscrupulous mover operating solely over the internet, advises Scott Michael, president, and CEO of the American Moving & Storage Association. AMSA is a professional trade group that represents moving companies that handle local, interstate, and international moves.  Before selecting a moving company becomes overwhelming, check out these insights shared with us by local Chicago moving companies located [...]

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6 Quick and Easy Moving Day Meals for Vegetarians

  How to prepare healthy food on moving day is probably not the first thing on your mind in the midst of packing up your home. Even if you have an empty kitchen you still need to fill up. Whether it’s a warming soup or something cool and crunchy, these plant-based recipes are good to have on hand to prepare for moving day. […]

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The History of the City of Amarillo | How Route 66 Shaped One of America’s Most Iconic Towns

  It’s impossible to talk about the history of the city of Amarillo without highlighting Route 66. Texas is the only state along Route 66 with just one major city along the historically significant route. That city is, of course, Amarillo. Located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo once embodied the essence of why Route 66 became a famous thoroughfare in the 1960s. […]

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How Millennials Meet People and Make New Friends When Relocating for Work

  How millennials make new friends after a move is a lot like dating. Sometimes, it’s easy and natural, but most of the time, it’s difficult, awkward, and fraught with uncertainty. Millennials are waiting longer to get married, shy away from buying a home, and switch jobs every two to three years. Like their phones, millennials are both mobile and connected too; this means making friends in realtime can be a challenge.  Psychology Today author, Hara Marano writes, “Friendship is a lot like food. We need it to survive.” Without it, our health suffers. Psychologist John Cacioppo of the University of Chicago found that a lack of friendship causes increased stress, artery erosion, high blood pressure, poor memory, and a reduction [...]

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2 Girls and a Cat Driving a Moving Truck to Chicago

  When I agreed to help my best friend Samantha with a DIY move from San Francisco to Chicago, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. When I moved to Chicago from California two months earlier, it was via airplane, so I was excited about my first cross-country road trip. It’s important to mention that Samantha has a cat, a bed, and a lot of other belongings that made her decide to rent a moving truck to Chicago—it was the most economical way to get across the country. […]

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9 Ways to Make Moving Easier for Young Children

  Moving is stressful for people of all ages, but young children are especially sensitive to moving. They’re old enough to feel grief and anger about the change, yet too young to understand the reasons behind it. They have to cope with this confusion in addition to the other stresses of the move. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a move easier for young children. A lot comes down to good planning. If you can plan the move well in advance, keeping the following tips in mind, you can help your child adjust faster and feel happier during the move. […]

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The Best Neighborhoods in Knoxville for Lifestyle and Culture

  The best neighborhoods in Knoxville have two things in common: they’re beautiful, and they have a great culture. If you’re moving to Knoxville and are worried about where you’ll live, rest assured: Knoxville is diverse and culturally-rich. There’s sure to be a neighborhood you’ll love. […]

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Moving to Illinois? The Best Chicago Suburbs for Families

Are you dreaming about moving to one of the best Chicago Suburbs in Illinois? Beginning in May, people from all over the country start making plans to move to a new home or apartment. Some people move across town and others across the country. Here in Chicago, moving over the summer months is a million times easier than moving in Chicago during winter. […]

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Moving to Georgia (Part2) | The Best Atlanta Suburbs for Millennials, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Families

  In Part 2 of our series on the best Atlanta Suburbs, we drill down to why so many people are moving to Atlanta. Some of the greatest suburbs in the nation are often located near big cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Houston. The Atlanta metro is connected by MARTA the region’s commuter rail network. An easy commute makes our list of ‘burbs great places to live for those working in the city but seeking to escape the high prices, traffic, and the hubbub of big-city life. […]

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The 4 Essential Moving Day Meals for Omnivores

  You’ve packed the boxes. You’ve hired the truck. You’ve reserved your storage unit. But what are you going to eat? This extremely important question is often overlooked on moving day. With the powers of these 4 essential moving day meals for omnivores, you will set yourself up for success on the big day.   What are the 4 Essentials? […]

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