New Jersey Home Renovation Trends for 2018


Times are changing in the housing market. With the speed of modern looks and personality, homes are starting to be remodeled left and right. The thought slips in your head once, and then you look around your house and notice all of these sections that can be updated dramatically. Now, it’s time to gain inspiration and take action! By breaking down the New Jersey home renovation trends for 2018, we help you gather some great ideas that are personal and in style.

These trends will be grabbed all over New Jersey. Places like Andover, North Plainfield, Pennsauken, Springfield, and Stanhope are either already ahead of the curve, or soon to jump on. Here are our New Jersey home renovation trends of 2018!



The market is starting to shift and expand. Homeowners are starting to take a look at their house and are wondering how they can maximize their investment. This leads us to the expansion of homes.

Many homeowners are seeking to add another level of sophistication to their existing homes. This adds a fresh new sense to the home that can be your interior design playground. This will also increase property value.

When choosing which room to expand, think about the gathering spaces and which will give you the biggest return on investment at a later date. Expanding a living room will yield much better returns than expanding a guest bedroom.

Expansions can be extremely difficult and messy. Be absolutely sure that you have the right professionals handling the work before you start. If you don’t have experience remodeling, a DIY remodel might not be the best option.

Additionally, it’s smart to have a service come in and dispose of the leftover materials for you, as picking up construction debris can be dangerous. Also, not all materials from the renovation can be sent to the landfill. Planning for such services ahead of time will save you time and a headache!


Blurring Kitchen Lines

Many homeowners are looking for open floor plans. This means tearing down the walls in your kitchen and allowing the house to breathe. Being able to see the house layout from the kitchen makes an open homey feel while also providing easier access to entertain guests.

People are also looking at making their homes home feel more expansive with easier access to the outdoors. This can be accomplished by adding double doors or sliding glass doors to the outside from the kitchen. Overall, the openness of a home is really starting to dominate the industry.

Also a hot New Jersey home renovation trend—quartz countertops. Stone sinks come in second place, followed by the backsplash and faucet. The reason why is because 2018 is bringing a lot of modern design to the home. This is the time when homes that haven’t changed since the 1990’s are really feeling outdated. If you’re home is outdated in many areas of the home, the kitchen is always a great place to start.


Hardwood Floors

At this point, you should be noticing that many of your friends and family in the New Jersey area are starting to change to hardwood floors. This is helping to make the home feel grounded and natural as your homes start to fill with technology.

You can also expect to see more brick, exposed beams, and metals to accent the floors. Not to mention, hardwood floors tend to last longer than carpet while looking much more elegant than tile.


Man Caves & She Dens

Nothing is more inviting and trendy than adding a private space to get away. Enjoying a cold beverage after a long day of work feels so right in a room that is solely designed for you and your friends. This is also a great addition for those consistently hosting gatherings.

Another growing trend that aligns with Man Caves and She Dens are homebrewing stations. As you know, the craft beer industry is exploding throughout the United States. It may not add much value to your home, but it will give your home a unique property spec that other homes may not offer.


Smart Home Technology

The smart home concept is coming more and more to life each day. Technology is springing into that “Jetsons” reality. You can start updating by adding a smart assistant to your home. Once you choose your favorite assistant, you can start to expand.

Smart home technology can help you save on energy bills too. Take a look at smart lighting next. This will accent your house anytime with just your voice or phone. Most smart lights even have the ability to turn on and off when you are away from home.

You can also deck out the outside and inside of your home with security cameras that will notify you whenever there’s something alarming happening. The list goes on and on after that. Smart refrigerators, trash cans, floor cleaners, etc. If you can think of it, they probably have something out for it that is “smart”.

New Jersey is at the forefront of the 2018 renovation trends. Make sure to look into this area on your own and let your curiosity take you to your own expression. You never know what you might discover when you dive into home renovations.

Just be sure to have professional help on your entire renovating adventure. This will save you from massive stress down the line.

If you decide to tackle larger projects such as home expansions, knocking down kitchen walls, consider a storage facility to house your personal belongings throughout the renovations to prevent any mishaps along the way!

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How to Shrink Wrap Furniture and Hard-to-Pack Household Items


Knowing how to shrink wrap furniture and awkward items can save you a lot of hassle during a move. Shrink wrap can keep household items secure and protected. It saves you from worrying about damage and dirt, and it helps keep loose things like wires and drawers in place.

Better yet, shrinkwrap, when appropriately done won’t stick to your furniture or leave ugly marks. Unlike tape, it doesn’t have an adhesive backing. It sticks to itself, and that’s it! Continue reading “How to Shrink Wrap Furniture and Hard-to-Pack Household Items”

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Going Green | Home Remodels that Add Value and Comfort


Are you faced with either moving to downsize or remodeling to age in place? Maybe your family is outgrowing your home but you’re in the town’s top school district. Every year millions of Americans are faced with the choice to remodel or move.

Deciding which is right for you can be difficult. However, if going green and healthy living appeals to you, a green home remodel might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Today’s enthusiasm for green home remodels and building products originated during the energy crisis of the 1970s. Scientists, architects, and builders began questioning the wisdom of glass-and-wood structures that required energy-intensive cooling and heating systems.

When it comes to going green, building manufacturers continue to find ways to improve energy efficiency in homes as well as develop products that are sustainable.


Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Options for Green Living

Countertops made with sustainable materials and green manufacturing practices make beautiful countertops and are sure to be the topic of dinner conversations for years to come. From paper-based countertops (yes, you read that correctly) to recycled glass and cement countertops, there is a wide range of eco-friendly products that will beautify and boost your kitchen’s value.


Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass countertops divert glass from ending up in landfills and are made from fragments of post-consumer and post-industrial reclaimed glass. A cement or resin binder is used to create slabs that are customizable for kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as a whole host of other uses.

Countertops made from post-consumer glass and cement are pricey but then again so are marble and granite countertops. Prices vary by region but can run anywhere from $75 to $150 per square foot including installation for recycled glass countertops.

In case you’re wondering, granite and quartz countertops typically run between $50 and $100 per square foot including installation.

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Recycled Paper Countertops

If going green has done one thing, its introduced new ideas and done away with old and perhaps misguided perceptions. Like paper and water don’t go together. If you think recycled paper countertops  sound suspect and soggy, think again. Manufacturers such as Richlite and Paperstone divert paper from ending up in landfills by compressing it into a stone-like material that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Initially designed for skateboard park ramps, science labs, and marine environments, Richlight and Paperstone recycled paper slabs have proven they’ve got muscle. These companies were on the frontier of the going green movement. Today, these material are also seen frequently on the exterior of buildings adding both beauty and durability.

If you are considering Corian but want an earth-friendly bent, paper composite countertops are environmentally friendly; Uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) post-consumer paper and non petroleum, formaldehyde-free resins, some made from cashew nut shell liquid. An added benefit? Paperstone can be cut and shaped with standard woodworking tools.

Watch this exciting video to see how recycled paper countertops are made. The results might impress you!

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Green Home Remodel Energy-Saving Tips

Before beginning a going green remodel project, check with your local utility provider. Many offer Weatherization Assistance Programs or a Home Energy Audits. Most states offer some type of energy incentive program to help homeowners offset energy costs.

Another tip we can’t ignore is getting a Home Energy Audit. You can hire a professional or seek out a non-profit specialist to come to your home who will spend anywhere from 2- to 4-hours assessing your home’s energy consumption.

Some common ways homes lose energy are air leaks through gaps in windows and doors, insufficient or deteriorated insulation, and the use of incandescent bulbs in light fixtures. Follow this link to learn more about energy savings programs offered through the Department of Energy.


Going Green is Good for the Planet and Good for Homes

Green building (also known as sustainable design) aims to reduce energy consumption and the overall impact to the environment. Green products help homeowners achieve a wide range of goals including saving money and improving indoor air quality.

If your home was built to standard building codes that do not adhere to green building guidelines, you can make a difference. Green home remodel products can save energy and improve indoor air quality.

An added benefit? Green building products work together to increase the comfort, health, quality, and value of your home. Contact your local green home building professional to help you remodel a kitchen, a bathroom, or, even your backyard deck.

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Home Renovation Survival Guide


Home renovations are notorious for being stressful. Whether you’re taking on a large project like a historic house or “just” remodeling your kitchen, home renovations can challenge your relationships, budget, and sense of sanity.

However, it is possible to cut down on the stress and conflict of a home renovation. Here are some tips to help you manage a renovation with fewer headaches and more joy.

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Home Remodel | How To Keep Cat Safety in Mind

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How to Organize your Home on a Budget

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Kitchen Remodel: How to Pay Less for Appliances


We have all heard the saying, “They don’t make ‘em the way they used to,” and that has never been truer than for appliances.If you are planning a kitchen remodel, how to pay less for appliances is no doubt at the top of your list.

Anyone who has purchased more than one appliance in their lifetime understands this harsh new reality. What used to last for 25+ years now lasts for 12 years, maybe. If you’re lucky.  Continue reading “Kitchen Remodel: How to Pay Less for Appliances”

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Craft Storage: How Self Storage Can Help You Create

If you are passionate about crafting, you’ve probably experienced first hand how quickly your work space can go from clean to cluttered. Crafting utilizes many different types of objects, which can make craft storage at home a challenge. Add small children or pets to the equation, and you may choose to opt for offsite craft storage.

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5 Tips for DIY Home Storage


Decluttering before guests arrive, tackling spring cleaning or a visit from an outspoken friend or relative can inspire you to finally get everything organized and stored properly. While self storage is a great option for some, you may also decide to find enough space for home storage without ever leaving the hosue. If you choose to “do it yourself,” keep in mind the following 5 tips to increase your chances of success.
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8 Unusual Things to do with Cardboard Moving Boxes


There are more than 101 things to do with cardboard boxes, and besides building an actual skyscraper or luxury ocean liner, almost anything can be made out of a moving box. From napkin rings and picture frames to castles, airplanes, and rocket ships, it would appear that when it comes to cardboard, inventions range from the sublimely simple to museum-worthy art pieces.

The Imagination Foundation’s Cardboard Challenge invites the world to play with cardboard and build anything they can dream up. With 46 participating countries and almost 500 events in the United States alone, thousands of children around the world have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life with their cardboard creations. Here are a few humble ideas for a day of play with your moving boxes that will offer a welcome respite from the stress of moving. Continue reading “8 Unusual Things to do with Cardboard Moving Boxes”

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3 Simple Home Staging Tips to Help Sell Your House

According to top Realtors across the country, home staging is the key to selling a home. Moving season is here again; maybe it’s the warmer weather and the fact that the future looks brighter now that the sun isn’t hiding behind gray clouds.

One of the most important things you can do to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price is to understand the value of staging. Getting a full-price offer within a reasonable amount of time is every homeowner’s dream.
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Create Moving Box Masterpieces | Fun, Affordable Entertainment For All


Just build it, and they will come! Which is exactly what happens if you end up building with a large moving box.

Youth and science organizations have caught on to the universal appeal of playing with cardboard moving boxes, and are engaging kids of all ages to create cardboard masterpieces that include everything from boats and rocket ships to life-size chess pieces and palaces.

Watching this short documentary video about Caine’s Arcade. The an 11-minute short documentary film by Nirvan Mullick released on April 9, 2012, that featured a cardboard arcade created by then 9-year-old Caine Monroy out of boxes and everyday objects.

To date, the Imagination Foundation has 750+ global participants in 77 countries and partners with Google and Disney. The organization’s annual Cardboard Challenge began in 2013, after discovering this video posted on YouTube.

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3 Time Saving Post-Holiday Tips to Declutter Any Home


The decorations are put away, and the new diet has begun. With a renewed commitment to the gym and perhaps a few moments to reflect on the past 12 months, January is the time of year to make that infamous list called “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Even if you don’t believe in resetting your resolutions every year, clearing out the clutter is worth putting on your to-do list. Maybe you got some really cool presents you want to show off. Perhaps you have a tortured relationship with “stuff.” Maybe you’re married to the King or Queen of Clutter.

It’s not too late to get a head start on the New Year and begin clearing out the untidiness that might otherwise undermine your best efforts to begin anew. Here are three timesaving tips to help declutter your home.

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5 Fun Things to do with Moving Boxes After the Move

After all the expenses and hard work of orchestrating a move, are you ready for a little fun? How about something that gives your pocketbook a break? Before getting rid of that pile of moving boxes in the corner of your family room get in touch with your inner child, and give the kids something inexpensive to play with that offers hours of entertainment.

Young yoy with moving box creation car
Photo Credit:

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