Smart Kitchen Trends to Make the Most of this Multifunctional Room

We demand a lot from our kitchens. As a result, today’s smart kitchen designs feature a whole host of technological wonders. Imagine adjusting the kitchen lighting as the sun sets or changing the temperature and time on your oven from cook to warm from the convenience of your smartphone. All while walking the dog or helping the kiddos with homework.  […]

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A Happy Healthy Lifestyle: 5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Spaces

We’re spending more time at home than ever before. However, many of us don’t realize the impact of cluttered spaces on our mental health and motivation. Studies reveal that a cluttered space can directly impact our moods and thereby affect our productivity. […]

By |2020-10-16T15:14:32-04:00September 26th, 2020|Organizing Advice, DIY Home & Projects|

5 Tips for Creating A Productive and Inspirational Work From Home Office

Now that everyone has settled into the work from home routine, it’s time to update and personalize your home office. It will boost both your productivity and your creativity. Besides, spending less time in your car or commuting gives you more time to create a work-life balance.   […]

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How to Prepare a Tiny Apartment or Home for Your First Baby

If you are in the first time mom’s club, you’ve already got a mile-long list of things to do, buy or borrow for a new baby. Even though preparing for your newborn baby for your small apartment or house may seem like it goes on forever, with a little determination and a lot of organization here’s how to be ready before your baby arrives. […]

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How Etsy Shop Owners and Crafters Can Benefit from Storage Units

Do you own an Etsy shop? And are you seeking new and innovative ways to expand your business on Etsy and distinguish yourself from others in the market? If yes, it is a great idea to rent a storage unit for your diverse business needs.  Platforms, such as Etsy, provide re-sellers, wholesalers, and crafters, with access to a global marketplace. However, it soon becomes apparent to many sellers that their inventory consumes a lot of space, particularly if you are also creating your wares to sell. A self-storage unit can save you a great amount of money and also help you get on your feet if you are a small business owner or a crafter who makes a living by crafting and [...]

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5 Small Businesses That Can Benefit From Self Storage

Starting a small business can be liberating and fulfilling, but also stressful and intimidating, especially if your home or office has limited space. Renting commercial space can be pricey, yet it’s often necessary to make your small business more successful.  After all, in certain industries, limited space means limited products and services. Likewise, expanding your space means increasing what you can offer, which can attract more customers.    […]

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The 10 Best Home Organization Blogs To Keep You Clutter Free

Any time of year is a good time for home organization. There’s nothing like a deep dive into decluttering to boost your productivity and mood. We turn to expert organizers across the web to give you a fresh start and bring clarity to your lives and homes. Another opportunity to live more intentionally and freely. There is no better time to welcome home organization into your life. […]

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Home Projects to Complete This Winter

Winter is right around the corner. The days are shorter, the trees are bare, and snowstorms are on their way. Before you feel the full effects of winter and want to curl up under a blanket with hot cocoa, you need to be proactive and take care of some things around the house. Here are a few home projects to tackle before Jack Frost reigns over winter. […]

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