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Essential Tips for Finding Your First Apartment

Being a first-time apartment renter is as exciting as it is daunting. Finally, a place you can call your own, decorate, and truly be proud of. Yet, there’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with your first apartment. We’re here to demystify the process. With these essential tips, you’ll be a first-time apartment renter who’s in-the-know before a lease is signed. […]

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What You Need to Know About Moving to Line Lexington, Pennsylvania

Line Lexington, Pennsylvania is a smart move—literally. The town is located next to Pennsylvania’s most populated city, Philadelphia, while also positioning you near bustling cities in both Delaware and New Jersey. Line Lexington is a town indicative of the rest of Eastern Pennsylvania—it’s in a valley basin, surrounded by forested hills. Best of all, it has a small-town charm and tempo perfect for families while being a short drive to the urban opportunities found in Philadelphia. […]

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Budget-Minded Remodeling Tips for Aging in Place During a Pandemic

As a result of the pandemic, many seniors are considering budget-minded remodeling projects to continue to live comfortably and safely in their homes. There is little doubt, the pandemic has changed all of our lives in unexpected ways. However, it can be said that COVID has impacted our elderly friends and family the most. Already a marginalized group, caring for our elderly population has become more challenging than ever.  […]

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Downsizing to a New Home? Use This 3-Month Moving Checklist

If downsizing and decluttering are popular with Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s, minimalism captivates the hearts and minds of the next generation; millennials.  Downsizing a home can bring significant benefits including financial savings and better mental health. As a result, more and more people of all ages are attracted to a simpler lifestyle to adopt minimalist principles. So whether you’re downsizing to a smaller house or making the leap to a micro-apartment, our 3-month moving checklist will keep you on track. […]

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Metro Self Storage Announces South Brunswick Storage Facility Now Open for Business!

Metro Self Storage is excited to announce our newest New Jersey storage facility in South Brunswick Township. You’ll find us conveniently located near the village of Monmouth Junction on Route 1. This state-of-the-art, 100% climate-controlled storage facility is designed with our customer’s convenience, comfort, and security in mind.  […]

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5 Tips for Creating A Productive and Inspirational Work From Home Office

Now that everyone has settled into the work from home routine, it’s time to update and personalize your home office. It will boost both your productivity and your creativity. Besides, spending less time in your car or commuting gives you more time to create a work-life balance.   […]

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Moving to South Brunswick, NJ? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re moving to South Brunswick, NJ, here’s everything you need to know! We understand moving can be as joyful as it is stressful. And that the decision comes with many questions about the new place you’ll soon call home. Whether you are planning to move to South Brunswick for a job or are experiencing a significant life transition, you’re undoubtedly curious to know more about this New York City suburb. Here are essential facts about South Brunswick! […]

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How to Prepare a Tiny Apartment or Home for Your First Baby

If you are in the first time mom’s club, you’ve already got a mile-long list of things to do, buy or borrow for a new baby. Even though preparing for your newborn baby for your small apartment or house may seem like it goes on forever, with a little determination and a lot of organization you can be ready before your baby arrives. […]

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How Real Estate Agents Can Utilize Self Storage to Sell More Homes

Successful real estate agents understand the important psychology behind buying and selling homes– it’s always been about selling your client’s dream, not just their property. Real estate connects all types of people and personalities, and managing expectations and emotions is as challenging as it is rewarding.  Two prevailing trends in real estate are buyers searching for homes from the convenience of their smartphones and how sellers are more inclined to utilize staging services to sell their homes faster and for more money.  […]

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Moving Guide: Living in Chicago on a Budget

There are many reasons why relocating to a vibrant city like Chicago will breathe a unique sense of excitement into your life. But living in Chicago on a budget will come with tradeoffs. For many, giving up a traditional apartment for one of Chicago’s micro-units might be the answer. But if you have a small family or are planning to start one, townhomes offer more space for less money than high-rise apartments. […]

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