Organizing large storage units might seem like a daunting task. Whether a business or personal residence, with a little up-front preparation using our pro storage tips, you create an ideal storage solution. The most familiar way to think of a large storage unit is that it’s roughly equivalent in size to a one-car garage. If you want more organization, larger storage units can give you more flexibility and space.

Large storage units can hold an entire household of belongings, but they are also utilized for storing vehicles, small boats, snowmobiles, and jet skis. The most sought after large storage units are typically 10X20 (200 square feet) and 10X30 (300 square feet).

Follow these steps to keep your large storage unit organized. Making it easier to locate and retrieve your items will save you time and a headache:


Divide and Conquer

  • Do you live in a region where the weather is sweltering, humid, below freezing? Or maybe all of the above? If so, put temperature sensitive items such as electronics, artwork, and family heirlooms into a climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Things you keep in the garage, basement, or attic, might be well suited for a conventional (no heating or cooling) storage unit.
  • Conventional storage is less expensive so dividing your belongings into two groups can make your storage solutions more affordable.


Easy Access

  • Create and maintain walkways inside your storage unit so you can retrieve your stored items without having to unload half of your storage unit.
  • Grouping items such as seasonal gear and sports equipment in the front of your unit will make them easier to access.
  • Consider purchasing shelving units to keep the things you want to access well organized, easy to identify, and in good condition.
  • Use clear plastic containers whenever possible so that you can see what you have stored. Especially, if what you are storing is bulky items like blankets and coats or toys and sports gear for the kids.


For The Record

  • Label all moving boxes (whether plastic or cardboard) and organize by categories such as Kitchen—Sports Equipment— Seasonal Clothing—Bedding.
  • Make an inventory list of your items before packing and placing your moving boxes in your unit so you’ll remember what you have in storage.
  • Creating a photo inventory of your stored items will be a lifesaver in the event you need to file an insurance claim.


Online storage calculators can help you determine what large storage unit size you need for moving boxes, furnishings, and other miscellaneous items you place in your storage unit. However, it’s important to note, when you use an online storage calculator it won’t necessarily account for the extra space you need to organize your unit.

A little organizing goes a long way to creating a storage solution that is economical, efficient, and even enjoyable.


Are you planning on renting a small storage unit? Our seasoned storage professionals will happily give you insider storage tips to organize your small storage unit too.