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The 10 Best Home Organization Blogs To Keep You Clutter Free

Any time of year is a good time for home organization. There’s nothing like a deep dive into decluttering to boost your productivity and mood. We turn to expert organizers across the web to give you a fresh start and bring clarity to your lives and homes. Another opportunity to live more intentionally and freely. There is no better time to welcome home organization into your life.

1. A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons is the first on our list because this special corner on the web inspires thousands of people all over the world to bring home organization into their lives. Toni Hammersely is the face behind A Bowl Full of Lemons, and teaching others how to declutter their lives is definitely her jam.

Toni has gone ten steps further by writing multiple home organization books including The Complete Book of Clean, and The Complete Book of Home Organization. If books aren’t your cup of tea, but you want to take the plunge into decluttering your life, Toni also hosts a fresh start blog series every January for her readers with a 14-week organizing challenge!

A Bowl Full of Lemons is user-friendly and extremely easy to navigate, which is a must when you’re trying to get a jump start on organizing and living a healthier life! The site has category tabs including, Organization, Cleaning, Budgeting, Decorating, Menu Planning, Emergency Preparedness, and more! 

2. Neat House Sweet Home

When you look at Neat House Sweet Home you’ll instantly feel a little neater and tidy. The website is fresh and clean, and all the organization things! Flavia is the sweet soul and engineer behind Neat House Sweet Home, offering her readers extremely practical tips for home organization and cleaning.

Flavia really does have an engineering background, gifting her a natural aptitude to be neat, precise, and somewhat of a perfectionist. Also making her a superstar teacher to declutter your home and life! On her site, you can access free printables, or buy  The Neat House Binder™, which is 40+ pages of Flavia’s favorite printables for household management.

Neat House Sweet Home offers a little bit of everything with a sprinkle of practicality. The categories Flavia offers her expertise in are Cleaning, Organization, Laundry, Decorating, Time management & Productivity, Finances, and her favorite household products.

3. Our Home Made Easy

If you are eager to organize your home, but don’t have the time, Our Home Made Easy offers tips you can do when you have a free weekend! Brittany is the creator of Our Home Made Easy, which is geared towards helping working moms create extraordinary homes the easy way, or really anyone looking to declutter and take control over their lives. Brittany thrives on discovering new processes that are more efficient and easier ways to tackle home organization projects.

You can expect to find all the things on this blog, including Home Organization, Productivity Tips, Meal Planning Ideas, Home Decor, and Cleaning Hacks. Our Home Made Easy also offers Ebooks and printables for purchase to assist you in your home and life organization journey. On top of that, Brittany also offers coaching for those hungry to dive into the process and want a knowledgeable and empathetic cheerleader along the way.

4. Organize My House

Organise My House is a blog by Crissy, who is an organization junkie from the UK and has been assisting others to organize and declutter for over 15 years! On Crissy’s blog, she helps real people organize and declutter their homes according to their style, as well as apply time management practices to their everyday lives.

Organise My House offers readers printables and teaches Crissy’s specific and practical method to organizing and decluttering. To get even more organized, Crissy offers other tools such as planners, home management binders, ebooks, and courses.

When you’re just starting out with organization and looking for information, it can be overwhelming. So when you first visit  the site, you can take a quiz to see just how organized you really are! Next, you can navigate the site with Crissy basically holding your hand. The navigation on her site asks you questions, guiding you to the information you are truly looking for and needing.

5. Clutter Bug

Clutter Bug is designed by Cassandra (aka Cas) for busy moms on a budget. Cas is a self-confessed  “super slob” turned professional organizer, author, and blogger. She hosts a podcast and YouTube channel. So regardless of your preferred learning style, you’ll find ways to get your organizing pro-tips from Clutter Bug.  

Cas says, “I always recommend starting in the master bedroom. The truth is, this is usually one of the most neglected areas of a home, but it’s the first thing you see each morning and the last thing you see before you fall asleep. A tidy and organized bedroom can really set the tone for the rest of your home.”

If you’re wanting to jumpstart this year with a clean and clutter-free home, Clutter Bug offers free printables, including a 15-Minute Home Decluttering Guide, 21 Item Toss, a Cleaning Checklist, and more. For busy moms with young children, Cas recommends a storage system that can handle a wide variety of items to keep children’s’ bedrooms organized. “Ikea’s Kallax cube shelving is my go-to organizing product for children. This organizational system is perfect for toys, books and can double as a dresser for clothing. I love this shelving unit so much because it takes up less floor space than a traditional dresser and offers so much more storage,” says Cas.

6. A Slob Comes Clean

Dana is the face behind A Slob Comes Clean, a safe place on the internet to remind readers that they are not alone in their home organization struggles, and to give them hope through using this blog as a resource. After spending less than two minutes on A Slob Comes Clean, there is no questioning that Dana is down to earth, and full of real-life wisdom when it comes to decluttering your life.

On A Slob Comes Clean, you can expect to find practical home management strategies. Dana breaks up her methods into two guides: How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind and Decluttering at The Speed of Life. If you want to take a more gentle approach to home organization, Dana offers decluttering strategies you can implement immediately that won’t overwhelm you, broken down into a five day process.

So if you want to organize your home and be reminded that you aren’t alone in this journey, A Slob Comes Clean is your safe place to grab a cup of coffee, kick up your feet for awhile, and make a plane.

7. I Heart Organizing

The I Heart Organizing blog is dedicated to helping beginners organize their homes and lives. Heather, the writer behind the blog, offers readers easy step-by-step organization guides and how-tos that she uses in her everyday life. This blog really is the perfect fit if you’ve just started your organization journey, and will get you well on your way in no time.

Heather makes the entire process more enjoyable through beautiful pictures, offering readers a visual of what they are going for in their own life. She offers free printables, a storefront to shop her favorite Home & Storage items, and her very own Amazon Shop.

In addition to home organization tips, if you haven’t set goals for 2020 but want to, Heather is offering a free goal setting printable! Her method to goal setting is picking 2-5 large scale goals for three areas of your life; personal business, and health. The next step is breaking down those goals into smaller, bite-sized target each week that ultimately correlate with your overall vision for the year! If you’re not about goal setting, check out Heather’s Top Organizing Tips and get to work!

8. I’m an Organizing Junkie

There are some people who like organizing, and there are some people like Laura, the face behind I’m an Organizing Junkie, who live and breathe it. Laura is the queen bee of organization. She is a mother of three. Oh and she wrote a book, Clutter Rehab, and she continues to share a wealth of her knowledge and expertise on the blog.

So what can you expect to find out I’m an Organizing Junkie? You will discover plenty of tips on how to declutter every single room in your house, and more. There is an entire section dedicated to Home Storage Solutions, Time Tactics, meal planning, and free printables.

If you decide to follow along, Laura also does 20-minute home organization projects and a well-received 52-week organization challenge! Join Laura for the challenge, or follow her blog, either way, your home and life will be more organized in no time at all.

9. The Crazy Organized Blog

Do you need to organize your pet supplies? Your fridge or embarrassing junk drawers? The Crazy Organized Blog is a great resource if you’re just getting started in your home organization journey. Lindsay is the heart and soul behind the Crazy Organized blog, and her passion for helping others declutter their lives stands out like a fish out of water. Crazy Organized has a section Lindsay named Fast Fix Friday. This section has tons of DIY ideas and fast fixes for incorporating more organization into your home, one simplified project at a time!

If you miss out on organizing your home this winter, you can start any season with Lindsay’s printables, labels, and home-made stickers – go snag this resource to watch your life become a little easier.

10. The Organized Home

Last but not least, The Organized Home blog delivers top-notch storage solutions for every room in the house. Created by the editors of Remodelista and Garenista, the site offers a myriad of organization products and tips from transparent closet wardrobes to open storage ideas borrowed from hotel rooms. Manifesto is that they believe in better living through organization, and that’s a manifesto everyone can get behind!

The Organized Home teaches eight ways to live our their manifesto:

  1. Buy fewer (and better) things. Resist impulse and stopgap purchases. Instead, zero in on quality.
  2. Donate the stuff you don’t use. That includes unwanted gifts. Let someone else put your castoffs to good use.
  3. Shop your own house. A surprising array of storage challenges can be solved with a well-made basket, tray, or hook—chances are, you already own most of the supplies that you need.
  4. Steal ideas from organizational masters. Experts, such as hoteliers and shopkeepers, know how to come up with innovative yet affordable approaches to storage.
  5. Ditch the plastic. Seek out products made of sustainable natural materials, such as wood, glass, and ceramic. They’re better for the planet, and you won’t have to stash them out of sight.
  6. Know what you’ve got. Ample storage is not necessarily a good thing. We’ve been conditioned to think that huge closets are desirable, but the truth is, they can encourage you to avoid pruning your belongings (and to lose track of what you have).
  7. Establish habits and routines that simplify your life: always keep your keys and eyeglasses in designated spots.
  8. Relax and make yourself at home. Too much enforced order is uninviting for occupants and guests alike; rooms are for living.

These blogs are all here to inspire you to create more space in your life so life is a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable and productive. While these are resources to give you the tools and tips, keep in mind ultimately you get to decide which style best matches your own or to create your own approach to keeping an organized life.  

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