How Storage Lockers Help Brooklyn Contractors and Tradespeople

close up of brooklyn contractors standing in front of a high-rise construction site

  If you are one of the many Brooklyn contractors helping to keep our city beautiful and livable, we want to begin by saying thank you! You most likely have many valuable tools and other types of equipment that you need regularly. Building and remodeling in a big city like Brooklyn are both rewarding and
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Things You Need to Travel Light on a Tampa Getaway

Guest blogger: Zack Davisson Florida and Tampa’s weather is pretty well documented: Tampa is at least moderately warm throughout the entire year although warm rainstorms are likely. So, packing light for a getaway trip to the Sunshine State shouldn’t be too hard, right? The usual necessities of a pair of flip-flops, breathable t-shirts, shorts instead
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Winter Organizing Tips | 5 Cleaning and Decluttering Ideas for Your Home (and Life)

example of messy and organized clothes in stacks for winter organizing tips

  Whether you’re snowed in or feeling blue because of the winter darkness, it’s time for some tidying up with winter organizing tips! Getting organized can help lift your mood and make your everyday life easier. One of the most common resolutions we make at the beginning of the year to declutter and organize. If
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How to Combine Two Households Harmoniously after Marriage

beautiful bride holding bouquet on wedding day before combining two households

  So, you and your newlywed are moving into together—the wedding went off without a hitch and the honeymoon romantic. Now what? From agreeing on home decor to divvying up household chores, merging two lives can be a challenge. Most agree money can add to the difficulty too. Even so, experts agree on some basic
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5 Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues in Chicago

  To best way to beat the winter blues in Chicago is to find something that brings you joy. Fortunately, there are a lot of fun activities that can bring happiness and a sense of adventure into your life in the Windy City. You just need to get out and experience the city! Even if
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4 Lesser Known Chicago-Area Museums to Explore this Weekend

historic chicago fire department in downtown chicago,il

  Everyone knows about the top museums in any major city. You probably already know about the Field Museum or the Art Institute of Chicago. But just a few steps off the beaten path are lesser known Chicago-area museums just waiting for you to discover. They hold educational and entertaining exhibits on a variety of
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5 Ways to Use Self Storage that Will Simplify Your Life

  Self storage is useful for so many situations, and it would be hard to imagine what they all are! Even so, that doesn’t stop us from trying. This blog is dedicated to helping our visitors understand how self storage can help make life more manageable during life transitions such as moving, selling a home,
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Make Holiday Decoration Storage Easy with Metro Self Storage in Brooklyn

cropped view woman holding christmas ornament

  The guests have all gone home and you’re facing New Year’s resolutions with an optimistic attitude. But you still have to pack up all the holiday decorations. That’s no small task. We totally get it. That’s why you can make the job a lot less stressful by storing your holiday decorations in storage lockers
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Five Family-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

  The best family-friendly New Year’s resolutions are those that create more fun, laughter, and love in the family. Some resolutions, like eating more healthfully, sound good on paper but tend to fail because they lack this “fun” factor. As a result, they become a burden which can cause conflict, guilt, or stress in the
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Super Easy Ways To Declutter After The Holidays

  We all know Christmas can be a little chaotic, and with the addition of new toys, gadgets, and other goodies, your home can start to feel cluttered and disorganized. Now is the perfect time to purge the old and make room for the New Year. Why not donate the things you no longer need
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How to Hide Big (and Small) Christmas Presents from Clever Kids

santa hiding small Christmas present

  Knowing where and how to hide Christmas presents can be difficult if you have smart kids. They’re sharp enough to pick up on little clues, and they have enough time during the holidays to snoop out any poorly hidden gifts. Figuring out how to hide big Christmas presents from these dedicated, clever kids gets
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Top 5 Winter Hiking Destinations in the Tampa Bay Area

beautiful flock of pink flamingos in the tampa bay area

  Winter is a great time of year to travel to Florida. Whether escaping snow or rainy weather, tourists flock to the Gulf Coast of Florida in search of sunshine and beautiful beaches. The Tampa Bay Area offers plenty of activities for the outdoor enthusiast too. So when you’ve had enough of sand n’ surf,
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Cheap Brooklyn Storage Lockers Just in Time for the Holidays

young man leaning on counter surrounded by moving boxes cheap brooklyn storage lockers blog

  Holidays are in full swing. Whether you need to make room for Aunt Bessie or hide Christmas presents from that special someone, we can help. Just in time for the holidays are cheap Brooklyn storage lockers to rent with Metro Self Storage.

Gift Ideas for Your Dog Anytime of Year (But Especially at Christmas)

  We totally get it—the idea of buying your pooch a gift for Christmas or Hanukkah is not silly. According to a survey reported by Pet Age, 95% of dog owners buy Christmas gifts for their furry friends. So we’ve compiled a handy list of gift ideas for your dog. 

Your FAQs About Self Storage Answered

Metro Self Storage newly built Addison, Illinois Indoor Climate Controlled Facility

Metro Self Storage New Addison, Illinois Indoor Climate Controlled Facility   If you’re new to self storage or need help figuring out whether or not your life transition can be made easier with self storage, you probably have questions. How much does self storage cost? Are self storage facilities really secure? Should I rent a
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Metro Self Storage Opens New Lincolnshire Buffalo Grove Storage Facility

interior storage units with metro self storage boxes

  Illinois-based Metro Self Storage announces the grand opening of our newly built storage facility in the northwest Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove. Local residents and businesses will find new storage options located at 847 Deerfield Parkway, near Busch Parkway. Choose from 850 brand new climate-controlled storage units in our state-of-the-art and climate-controlled storage facility.
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Winter Organizing: 5 Hacks to Boost Productivity

happy black woman working in home office on laptop

  The holidays are here. Even as your fast-growing list of priorities gets longer, you can still avoid the disastrous consequences of procrastination and disorganization. Getting and staying in control of your life any time of year means rocking your time management skills—focusing your energy without letting anything fall through the cracks.

Essential Thanksgiving Tips | How to Have a Happy, Loving Family Gathering

multigenerational family celebrating thanksgiving

  The most essential Thanksgiving tips are the ones that help reduce your stress, allowing you to enjoy the holiday and appreciate your family. Your primary sources of stress will depend on your situation of course. And, If you’re hosting for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed by all the cooking. Moreover, if your
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Metro Self Storage Opens Brand New Chadds Ford Storage Facility

architectural rendering of brand new climate controlled storage facility in Chadds Ford, PA

  Metro Self Storage is pleased to announce the opening of our Chadds Ford storage facility conveniently located on Wilmington West Chester Pike (U.S. Route 202). The beautiful climate-controlled storage building is the newest member of the Metro family of friendly storage facilities located throughout Pennsylvania.  Highlighted features for your ease and convenience include interior
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Storage Unit Sizes: How to Choose the Right Sized Unit Every Time

man and smiling woman loading storage unit

  Even though storage unit sizes are standardized, most people wing it when choosing a self storage unit for the first time. Naturally, this usually results in renting (and therefore paying for) more space than they need. Even so, budget crashing disasters are avoided every day at Metro Self Storage thanks to our highly trained
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