The Best Ways to Organize Small Storage Units

Organize Small Storage Unit

Whether you need a self storage unit to meet your business storage needs, or to keep clutter at bay while your house is on the market, it doesn’t have to be a place your rarely visit. On the contrary, with a few helpful tips on how to organize your storage unit, you’ll have no regrets when you can easily find an item you want to retrieve.

4 Organizing tips for personal storage

If you have a 5X5, 5X10, 10X10 or a similar sized storage unit, you can think of organizing it like you would a large walk-in closet or small bedroom.

  • Incorporate a shelving unit on one wall
  • Store items in clear plastic bins so they are easy to see and retrieve
  • Use a rolling garment rack (available at Target, Home Depot, and Amazon) to hang clothes so they are easy to see and stay wrinkle free
  • Rolling clothes racks and mobile wire shelving can easily be moved in and out of your unit making access to the other items you have stored much easier


4 Organizing tips for small businesses, hobbyists, and students

Small storage units are also popular with entrepreneurs, photographers, students, pharmaceutical representatives, as well as medical and law professionals. Keep in mind, organizing your storage unit efficiently will create a more economical storage solution.

  • Incorporate sturdy shelving around the perimeter of your unit
  • Consider mobile wire rack shelving to create a more flexible storage solution
  • Store files, binders, and other supplies you’ll need to access in clearly labeled filing cabinets to keep them organized
  • Store items you won’t need to access often such as tax records and archived files in sturdy moving boxes on the back wall of your unit


Storage units are immensely helpful during a move, but 5X5 mini storage can be a practical way to declutter or reorganize. Imagine moving the most cluttered part of your house or business into an organized, easy to access, and secure storage facility. Creating more space in your life so you can better focus sounds pretty tempting, right?