History of an American Icon, the RV

Winnebago RV storage

Are RVs still hot and hip? There was certainly a point in time when they captivated American audiences in big Hollywood films like, wait for it, “RV” with the late great Robin Williams. Then there was “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” starring Chevy Chase on a family road trip that brought peels of laughter to audiences.

While comedic greats helped popularize RV adventures, our fascination with jumping into what is essentially a small home on wheels, and piloting our own course through the countryside goes way back.

According to RV historians (yes, there is such a thing) 1910 is cited as the birth of the RV industry with the invention of “auto campers” and “camping trailers.” Up until that point, people traveled by train – basically, an RV on a track. But unlike trains, in these precursors to the RV, people could travel and camp anywhere there was a road.

Jump forward to 1950, and you’ll begin to recognize our modern-day RV. But many would agree it was Winnebago’s “eyebrow” design in 1970 and the infamous flying W that made America fall in love, everlasting love, with RVing.


Today, there is a long list of different types of RVs to choose from:Travel Trailer Storage

  • Class A Motorhome – big on size and luxury
  • Class B Motorhome – camper van
  • Class C Motorhome – smaller version of Class A
  • Fifth Wheel- hitches to truck bed
  • Travel Trailer – #1 selling RV type
  • Pop-Up – folding camper trailer
  • Truck Camper – self-contained RV that slides into the bed of a truck


While there is nothing like the feeling of cruising on a long stretch of highway towards your next big adventure, there is that little issue of parking an RV … and, how to store an RV when you’re not on the road. Baby boomers helped the RV storage industry grow by leaps and bounds, but younger generations are captivated by the idea of mobile living, and use their RVs as mobile offices and homes while driving across the country.

For the times you want to safely store your cherished chariot in between road trips and vacations, Metro Self Storage is here for you. We’ll be ready for your adventures whenever you are.