The Million Dollar Self Storage Question: What Size Do I Need?

Metro Self Storage million dollar question

It’s a question we’ve all asked experts, even perfect strangers, and ourselves. From carry on suitcases and skis to mountain bikes, moving trucks, and yes, even self storage—What Size Do I Need?—is usually the first question that comes to mind. Finding the correct answer practically guarantees you’ll save time and money. If you start out
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The Top 5 Reasons Metro Self Storage in Deerfield Will Make You Happy


  What should your athletic club, bank, and favorite coffee shop all have in common? Ideally, they’re conveniently located to work with your schedule. Because everyone knows the keys to happiness are money, muscles, and coffee, right? Seriously though, while there are scientifically proven ways to be incredibly happy, Metro Self Storage understands what you
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5 Fun Things to do with Moving Boxes After the Move

After all the expenses and hard work of orchestrating a move, are you ready for a little fun? How about something that gives your pocketbook a break? Before getting rid of that pile of moving boxes in the corner of your family room get in touch with your inner child, and give the kids something
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What is the Difference Between Climate Controlled vs. Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units?

  Deciding between climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage units is easier when you answer these three questions: 1. What items are you planning to store? 2. How long do you plan to store these items? 3. Is your storage location in a region with extreme temperatures?   I recently put everything I owned into
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Do you need Self Storage Tenant Insurance?

Got Coverage? Yes, You Need Self Storage Insurance What would you do if the unimaginable happened to your worldly possessions? Whether you own a home or rent, insuring the things you own is a wise choice. Most folks wouldn’t dream of driving a car without car insurance, but recent surveys by found only one-third
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How Much Does Self Storage Cost in Largo, Florida?

couple walking along Florida beach

  Have you ever found yourself asking “Where are the cheapest storage units near me?” In today’s economic environment most everyone likes to save a buck whenever possible and looking for the cheapest storage in Largo, FL is no exception. Besides, with so many beautiful beaches and fun things to do in Largo, who has
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Moving to Largo, Florida? Tips on How to Choose the Best Storage Facility for Your Belongings

moving to largo key harbor

There are many reasons to relocate. If your reason to move is a case of location based chronic boredom moving to Largo Florida will surely cure what ails you. Largo is centrally located near the best of what Pinellas County offers, so there is never a shortage of interesting things to do. No matter what
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Metro’s Referral Rewards Program

10 Ideas to Spend Your Reward Bonus Savings Do you enjoy an evening out, or a relaxing afternoon doing something you love? Metro Self Storage® can help you have a fun experience with our Referral Rewards Program.  Simply refer a friend or family member who rents a unit from us, and we give you a
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5 Reasons Using Self Storage While Moving Can Save Your Life

beautiful woman moving in field of flowers

Ahh, Spring! Finally, the long, cold winter is slowly fading away…the days become warmer…the days grow longer…flowers begin to bloom and a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of…moving. Moving? Well, yes moving (amongst other things). Each year an estimated 43 million Americans relocate, and nearly half of those moves occur in the summer between
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