Car Storage: How to Prep your Vehicle

Car Storage provided by Metro Self Storage

Is your car like a second home? For many people, the answer is a resounding yes. Our cars are the place we can practice singing like Adele or croon like Chris Martin. Cars also serve as a respite from the kids, the hustle and bustle of work, and if the volume on the radio is
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Home Organizing Tips for the Holidays

Home Organizing Tips for Holidays

If you Google “Home Organizing Tips for the Holidays,” in exactly 0.37 seconds you will get 101,000 results. Two questions immediately come to mind: Where does one possibly begin, and aren’t the holidays already stressful enough? There are probably at least 50 organizing tips for every room in your house, and at that rate you
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Holiday Gift Hiding Ideas – How Self Storage Can Help

Holiday Storage Ideas

Is it really that time of year again? Yes! Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to figure out where to shop and what gifts to give. As the bags and boxes start piling up, you might start wondering how and where to hide them from prying eyes and fingers. The
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The Zombie Apocalypse: Self Storage Can Save Your Life!

Zombie Apocalypse

We’ve all seen at least one zombie apocalypse movie about the undead taking over the world. However, unlike aliens, who come from outer space, where zombies originate remains a mystery as does why the zombie brain has only one program running: Eat! Eat! Eat! Are you looking for ways to survive this Halloween’s Zombie apocalypse?
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Why Retirees are Moving to Sarasota, Florida

Moving to Sarasota Florida

What do the beach, ballet, and baseball all have in common? We’ll give you a hint … with sunsets that last forever and sugar sand beaches this Garden State city is a popular destination for tourists and retirees alike. Are thinking about moving to Sarasota, Florida? We thought so. Whether you are a snowbird researching
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Keeping Spiderman and Other Pests Out of Your Storage Unit

Storage Unit Pest Control Spiderman

Battling unwelcome insects and rodents in your living space is one thing—you are there to wage war on a daily basis. However, preventing rodent and pest infestations in your storage unit takes special care and consideration. The most popular type of items people put into storage is furniture. Think overstuffed sofas, plush recliners, mattresses, and
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How to Prepare Your RV for Storage in Chicago

Winterizing RV for Chicago Storage

Get Ready! Winter in Chicago is On its Way Winterizing your RV for the winter is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are moving to or live in a colder part of the country like moving to Minneapolis or moving to Chicago find a suitable winter home for your vehicle before the mercury really starts to
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A Glimpse Inside Metro Self Storage

Metro Self Storage

September is Shameless Promotion Month: Who Could Resist? Did you know that September has more nationally designated holidays than it has days in the month? It appears there is reason to celebrate for everyone; Backpack America Safety, Healthy Aging, and Shameless Promotion Month are just a few examples. We decided to have some fun with
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8 Unusual Things to do with Cardboard Moving Boxes

Kid Sitting in Cardboard Moving Box Airplane Title

There are more than 101 things to do with cardboard boxes, and besides building an actual skyscraper or luxury ocean liner, almost anything can be made out of a moving box. From napkin rings and picture frames to castles, airplanes, and rocket ships, it would appear that when it comes to cardboard, inventions range from
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Moving to Philadelphia Suburbs & Delaware Valley

Moving To Philadelphia Suburbs

10 Fun Facts You Should Know When it comes to deciding what to do and see in Philadelphia, there is no shortage of options. Take the stress out of your move to the Philadelphia Suburbs and have fun in Delaware Valley. It’s the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States. With a rich heritage
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Declutter Your Student Storage Before Heading Back to School

Declutter Student Storage Title

  Taming a dorm full of clutter can be a daunting task. But decluttering a storage unit isn’t nearly so intimidating. Just think of it like you would a closet. Anyone can handle a closet, right? Besides, after being away from the things that you didn’t think you could live without at the end of
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5 Things That Need Climate Controlled Storage

  When it comes to deciding whether or not to rent a climate controlled storage unit, it’s not just high temperatures that you have to worry about. When planning to store valuable business and household items, also think about moisture and humidity as well as freezing temperatures. While most self storage companies offer slightly higher
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How to Pack a Moving Truck | Use Your Head, Save Your Back!

Packing a Moving Truck

  Moving day is not only stressful, but it’s also downright physically demanding. Especially if you’ve signed up for a DIY move that requires you do all the heavy lifting. Bending over to pick up and lift moving boxes for hours at a time is not your back’s idea of a good time (and probably
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Moving to West Chicago, IL: 7 Things You Need to Know

West Chicago, IL Metra Train

Located 30 miles due west of downtown Chicago in DuPage County, the City of West Chicago has a rich history. It was created when three railroads came together in the area. Manufacturing jobs, eating houses, and hotels for travelers soon sprang up because so many trains met at this juncture. Most of the residents were
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6 Tips for Choosing a Moving Company

Choosing Moving Company

Did you know that the average American will move approximately 12 times during his or her lifetime? No matter the amount of stress and hassle moving to a new home creates, people are willing to do it. Usually, it’s because we need more space, got a new job, or are downsizing.   Whatever the reason
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How To Prepare Furniture for Storage

Storing Upholstered Chairs

Whether you are a homeowner getting ready to move or a real estate agent staging a home for sale, self storage can provide both short- and long-term options to reduce clutter during a move. Home furnishings usually represent the largest investment inside a home, and the wide range of styles and quality characteristics makes finding
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How to Properly Care, Store, Handle, and Retire the American Flag

Storing Flags

  Flying the American flag is acceptable any day of the year, especially on National Holidays like Veteran’s Day and Labor Day. However, every June 14th, we celebrate Flag Day to commemorate the adoption of the official symbol of the United States of America; the flag called the “Stars and Stripes.” This happened on that date
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Moving to Tampa, Florida? 5 Neighborhoods You Should Know

Moving to Tampa, FL

  Whether you love festivals, are a foodie at heart, or enjoy the surf and sun at the beach, moving to Tampa will prove there is no lack of things to do in Florida, especially in and around Tampa. It’s the third-largest city in Florida and features miles of beachfront living. We’ve gathered 5 neighborhoods
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Moving Truck Rentals & Self Storage | A Perfect Match!

Renting a Moving Truck

  Did you know that May kicked off the busiest residential moving season of the year? May is full of major holidays. It is dubbed National Moving Month and National Mental Health Month. Hmmm … one has to wonder, is this a coincidence? Nobody can deny, moving is downright stressful!

College Student Storage 101 | Find Clean, Reliable Storage Near Your Campus

Students Storing During Summer

8 Insider Tips on How to Get the Best Student Storage Deals Finding clean, secure, and convenient student storage becomes more of a challenge as summer approaches. As a college student, you understand better than anyone that there are only so many nooks, cubbies, and crannies to cram stuff into in a dorm room. When
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