St. Charles Self Storage Grand Opening! Metro Surpasses 21 Stores in Illinois

short term storage between homes offered by Metro Self Storage

  Chicago-based Metro Self Storage is celebrating the grand opening of its 22nd store in Illinois. The 45-year-old company is Chicagoland’s first choice for locally owned urban and suburban storage solutions. The state-of-the-art, newly constructed building differentiates itself as one of the few modern self storage facilities in St. Charles and surrounding areas. Metro Self Storage
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Kid Friendly Toy Storage Tips for Busy Parents

toy storage solution for cute stuffed animals

  Family friendly toy storage tips can be invaluable when you’re preparing to move, have a baby, or simply clean the house. Keeping toys tucked away when not in use can relieve stress and prevent your home from becoming a toy disaster zone, especially during transitions. While you can find plenty of great ideas and
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5 Tips To Help You Downsize in Lakeland, Florida

Downsizing in Lakeland FL

  Americans spend $10 billion dollars a year on ways to downsize, reduce, and organize their homes and businesses. It is quite possible that the art of simplicity has never before been so complex. Or expensive. For many, finding happiness is only a move away and what better place to live than a town with
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6 Things To Do in Houston if You’re Dating

Couple eating outdoors is one of the fun things to do in houston

  Are you looking for things to do in Houston with your date? Sure, it’s easy to fall into the same old pattern of “Netflix and chill,” but wouldn’t it be fun to break free from your couch and enjoy everything Houston has to offer? Whether it’s your first date with someone you met online or
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Moving to Alabama? We Now Offer Storage Units in Montgomery!

Beautiful Montgomery Alabama Skyline at Night

  Whether you are moving to Alabama or have lived here your entire life, there are great things to see and discover in  Alabama’s state’s capital of Montgomery. While Montgomery is recognized worldwide for its historical and cultural significance and landmarks due to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s, it continues to be a
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Explore These 6 South Side Chicago Neighborhoods To Live In Or Visit

  These South Side Chicago Neighborhoods Offer Something for Everyone If you are looking for a socially diverse and connected community, moving to a South Side Chicago Neighborhood could be for you. From the University of Chicago and Jackson Park to affordable housing and culturally diverse neighborhoods, this part of Chi-Town is filled with possibilities.

The Best Neighborhoods in Knoxville for Lifestyle and Culture

the best neighborhoods in knoxville tn are easy to find on a map

  The best neighborhoods in Knoxville have two things in common: they’re beautiful, and they have a great culture. If you’re moving to Knoxville and are worried about where you’ll live, rest assured: Knoxville is diverse and culturally-rich. There’s sure to be a neighborhood you’ll love.

Moving to Georgia (Part 1): The Best Atlanta Suburbs for Education, Arts, and Sustainability

  Between cultural, ethnic, and geographic diversity and historical significance, Atlanta has a lot to offer people living in and moving to the area. Atlanta is made up of a complex network of neighborhoods in its Metroplex. While the urban areas of Midtown, Downtown, and Buckhead are attractive for professionals and artists, the best Atlanta
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How Sheepshead Bay Self Storage Makes Apartment Living in Brooklyn Easy

Interior Brooklyn apartment example for Sheepshead Bay Self Storage in Brooklyn

  Big city apartments are usually high on costs and short on space, especially in terms of storage space such as closets and cabinets.  The trend towards smaller apartments in New York continues to gain popularity. Prefabricated in Brooklyn, New York, these modular micro-apartments range anywhere from 260 to 360 square feet. It’s no wonder many
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Why Apartment Life in Brooklyn is Better

mother daughter selfie apartment life in Brooklyn

  Living the apartment life in Brooklyn means you are living in the center of the universe. You’re surrounded by incredible architecture, colorful personalities, and delicious food. Not all apartments are spacious though, which is perfectly okay. Living large in Brooklyn doesn’t mean you need to live in a large space. In fact, there are
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Moving to Illinois? The Best Chicago Suburbs for Families

hispanic family moving to illinois to live in chicago's best suburbs

Are you dreaming about moving to one of the best Chicago Suburbs in Illinois? Beginning in May, people from all over the country start making plans to move to a new home or apartment. Some people move across town and others across the country. Here in Chicago, moving over the summer months is a million
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The Ultimate Guide to Moving with Kids

parents and their children moving boxes into new home

  Moving with kids can be a big challenge. On the one hand, you need to focus on getting everything done for the move. Tackling a seemingly endless to-do list of things to organize and pack may seem overwhelming. However, at the same time, you need to think about your kids and their emotions as
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Moving Tips to Reduce Pet Stress

Portrait of a family and their content Golden Retriever

  Looking for ways to reduce pet stress during your next move? It turns out humans aren’t the only animals to thrive on healthy routines. Fido and Fifi do too. Anyone who has moved knows that it requires planning, preparation, and a tremendous amount of hard work. Moreover, it disrupts our familiar daily routines, which
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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel with Toddlers

toddler helping wash dishes

  Any home renovation project can be challenging, but a kitchen remodel can be especially difficult when you have toddlers. However, it is possible to survive a kitchen remodel with children of all ages. In fact, with enough planning, it may actually lead to good memories and adventures with your kids. Good organization and forethought
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Self Storage? It’s Affordable If You Do It Right

photo of happy guy driving away from self storage unit

  Self Storage can be a safe space for your things while you address your life goals. For some, the opportunity to travel abroad or go on a road trip is irresistible. For others, it all comes down to too many things and a lack of space. Rather than getting rid of your sports gear,
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Home Renovation Survival Guide

Home renovations

  Home renovations are notorious for being stressful. Whether you’re taking on a large project like a historic house or “just” remodeling your kitchen, home renovations can challenge your relationships, budget, and sense of sanity. However, it is possible to cut down on the stress and conflict of a home renovation. Here are some tips
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Tips for Moving with a Newborn Baby

moving with newborn baby

  There is no denying, moving is stressful. When children are involved, multiply that stress exponentially, and if you are moving with children and pets, then organizing will become your best friend. But what about moving with a newborn baby? The majority of the pregnancy advice you get will probably be to move before the baby arrives.
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Self Storage: Do I Really Need It?

How To Choose the Best Self Storage Company

  Millions of Americans rely on self storage to cope with clutter even though naysayers tell us self storage is what happens when we consume too much. The reality is that 10% of Americans who rent a storage unit, do so for good reasons.

Tips to Teach your Kids Bedroom Organization

Teach kids bedroom orgamization

  Are you frustrated by how quickly your child’s bedroom becomes cluttered and disorganized? Does it turn chaotic as soon as you’re done tidying up? You’re not alone. For many parents, a messy kid’s bedroom is a source of conflict and annoyance, both for them and their child. The child doesn’t like being nagged, while
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Home Remodel | How To Keep Cat Safety in Mind

cat safety for home remodel

There’s no denying, moving is stressful. It is stressful for people, and it causes stress in cats. Moving is so stressful that many homeowners decide to stay put and renovate. Keeping cat safety in mind during a home remodel will be at the top of your list whether your remodeling plans include creating a cat-friendly
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