How Much Does Self Storage Cost in Chicago?

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Moving? We’ve got some money saving resolutions for you

Chicago is a city of superlatives. It is the home of the world’s first 15-story Ferris wheel, best deep dish pizza, busiest airport, highest steeple, and if you exclude the Pentagon, the largest building. As the third most populated city in the country, it’s no wonder Chicagoans are sometimes crunched for time and space.

When it comes time to move your home or business, self storage can come in handy for temporary, short- and long-term storage needs. Let’s face it, whether you spend your moola freely, squirrel it away or something in between, everyone loves to stretch a buck! As a result, many find themselves asking, “Where can I find cheap self storage in Chicago?”

•    While it’s obvious you will do the bulk of your research for self storage rates online, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call the storage facility directly. Ask about any current or upcoming self storage promotions in the greater Chicago area and you might be the first to find out about a yet to be published storage unit promotion.

•    Check out self storage units near Chicago as opposed to in Chicago. If you are willing to drive beyond the city limits, you just might find web specials and promotions that offer more economical or cheaper self storage rates near Chicago.

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Bonus Tip:
The average price per square foot for self storage in Chicago is currently $1.82 so take an honest inventory of what is worth storing and what’s not.

You may want to store the bulk of your belongings in a climate controlled storage unit and store seasonal gear such as winter sports equipment and mountain bikes in a smaller non-climate controlled storage unit. This approach makes it easier to access the items you want, and smaller non-climate controlled storage will save you money.

Let us help you save some green on your next storage unit and find the perfect Chicago self storage to meet your storage needs.