Create Moving Box Masterpieces

Just build it, and they will come! That’s what happens if you end up building with large cardboard boxes. Youth and science organizations have caught on to the universal appeal of playing with moving and shipping boxes, and are engaging kids of all ages to create cardboard masterpieces that include everything from boats and rocket ships to princess hats and palaces.

Get involved

CodeCreate ( in Chicago inspires young and old alike to craft cardboard box creations throughout the year. And as a way to foster a day of global happiness, the Imagination Foundation Global Cardboard Challenge ( engages kids every year on October 11th from Kigali City, Rwanda to Sarasota, FL to use cardboard as a source of inspiration. Both organizations offer year-round opportunities to get involved with cardboard box building and activities on the local level.

Upcycle old moving boxes

If you’ve recently moved, or are planning to move in the near future, give your used cardboard moving boxes a new life by upcycling them into something useful and creative. Engage the kids to build a boat, fort, or castle for their next birthday party to keep them occupied while you’re busy unpacking and organizing. After all the hard work, invite your friends and family to spend a weekend afternoon building a cardboard maze or outdoor Scrabble game.

Not moving? No problem!

Wondering where to get moving boxes for your next cardboard creation? You’ll find a wide variety of small, medium, and large moving boxes for sale at all of our conveniently located Metro Self Storage locations. Whether you’re simply looking for a cheap way to entertain the kids or planning a move, we’ve got you covered.

Bonus Tip: Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets™ ( will make constructing, and when the time comes, deconstructing, cardboard structures (think lemonade stands, forts, and castles) a breeze. The box rivets are designed to work with both single- and double-wall cardboard boxes including dish-pack boxes, washer/dryer boxes, wardrobe boxes and more!