Moving to Illinois? 5 of Chicago’s Best Suburbs Offer Something for Everyone

Are you dreaming about moving to one of Chicago’s best suburbs? Beginning in May, people from all over the country start making plans to move to a new home or apartment. Some people move across town and others across the country. Here in Chicago, moving over the summer months is a million times easier than moving in Chicago during winter.

In fact, Chicagoans get through frigid winters by dreaming about summertime recreational opportunities. While Lake County has over 200 lakes and rivers, Lake Michigan boasts 40-miles of shoreline and 100 different beaches. As a result, so many vacationers flock to Chicago’s ‘burbs that tourism brings in over one billion dollars annually. However, it’s the locals who know all of the best places to eat, play, and swim.

Boating Lake County is for anyone who loves fishing, water skiing, canoeing, or all of the above. We combed through data from Neighborhood Scout,, and to find our list of a few of Chicago’s best suburbs for families, young professionals, and retirees.


1. The Village of Mundelein in Lake County

students smiling at one another at a school library in one of chicago's best suburbs

PlayScore: 79 out of 100
Average Commute Time: 28 minutes
Median Home Price: $225,00

The Village of Mundelein is a picturesque town and vibrant community located in the heart of Lake County Illinois. With a population of around 32,000 residents, Mundelein makes our list as one of Chicago’s best suburbs for its ideal location, excellent business opportunities, and top-rated schools.

Known for having a thriving manufacturing industry, Mundelein is home to Medline Industries, a global manufacturer, and distributor of medical products. Commuters enjoy being only 41-miles from Downtown Chicago and can hop on the Metra NCS to the Ogilvie Train Station.

Housing values are downright affordable when you compare Mundelein real estate prices with other Chicago North suburbs, and it’s a great place to raise a family, retire, or start a business. Residents enjoy sunbathing at Diamond Lake Beach while tourists visit Fort Hill Heritage Center.

Mundelein Private and Public Schools

There are two primary public school districts in Mundelein. The Diamond Lake School District enrolls 1,078 students and features a preschool, an elementary school, and a middle school. The Village’s other school district, Mundelein ESD School District enrolls 1,679 students and includes a preschool, two elementary schools, and a middle school.

There are four high schools in Mundelein: Carmel Catholic High School, Mundelein High School District #120, Community High School District #128, Libertyville High School, and Vernon Hill High School. The Mundelein High School Business INcubator gives students the opportunity to develop their own product or service with the help from local business owners and entrepreneurs. Highly regarded neighborhoods for education in Mundelein include Ivanhoe, Sylvan Lake, Diamond Lake, and Village Center.

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2. The Village of Lake Bluff, Illinois

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Average Commute time: 45 minutes Score: 9 out of 10
Median Home Price: $483,841

Rated as one of Chicago’s best neighborhoods by Chicago Magazine, Lake Bluff enjoys accolades for hosting the best farmer’s market and for being a hip and happy lakeside town. One of the smallest ‘burbs on our list, Lake Bluff boasts seven parks amongst its two primary neighborhoods.

The Village Center Neighborhood is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and consists primarily of three- to five-bedroom homes. Some residences were built before 1940, which means storage space is at a premium. Even so, buying a home in Lake Bluff is an expensive; the median list price of $275 per square foot is higher than the Chicago Metro.

Lake Bluff is an ideal Chicago Suburb for those employed in executive, management, and other types of professional occupations. Located 33-miles north of Downtown Chicago, commuters can easily hop on the Metra UP-N to get to work. However, around 10% of Lake Bluff residents work from their home offices. Anyone faced with a commute from Lake Bluff will spend between 45-minutes to over an hour commuting one-way to work every day.

Employment Opportunities Near Lake Bluff

Lake Bluff is nearby to some of Lake County’s largest employers including the area’s best hospitals: Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital and Northshore Highland Park Hospital. Other Lake County Leading employers near Lake Bluff, IL:

  • PCA (Packaging Corporation of America): Package, transport, and display products manufacturing
  • Tenneco Incorporated: Motor vehicle parts and accessories
  • Trustmark Insurance Company: Insurance products and programs
  • W.W. Grainger: Electrical apparatus & equipment manufacturer since 1927
  • Brunswick Corporation: Designing and manufacturing a wide variety of products since 1845.


Queen Anne and Midwestern Prairie-style homes can leave Lake Bluff residents scrambling for seasonal self storage solutions. Thankfully, residents and businesses can easily find a locally owned and operated self storage facilities located throughout Chicago’s best suburbs.


3. The Village of Deerfield in Lake County

people moving to illinois through chicago's oglivie transportation hub

PlayScore: 79 out of 100 Score: 10
Average Commute Time: 33 minutes
Median Home Price: $413,568

The Village of Deerfield is approximately 25-miles north of Chicago making it an attractive Chicago Suburb for anyone seeking respite from the hectic big-city lifestyle. The Township of Deerfield is located adjacent to Bannockburn and Highland Park, and Glencoe which is home to the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

While around 12% of Deerfield’s residents work from their home office, almost 15% of the neighborhood’s commuters ride the train to work in Chicago; it takes about an hour to get to the Ogilvie Station on the Metra UP-N line from Deerfield.

Located on Chicago’s North Shore, Deerfield is a desirable place to live for urban sophisticates who are people looking to trade in fast-paced city life for a small, tight-knit community. With a population of 19,019, Deerfield is a great place to raise kids too. The combination of good schools, low crime, and a high rate of homeownership provides a solid community for parents to raise their children.  

Deerfield Public Schools

Deerfield Public School District 109 includes two high schools, two middle schools, four elementary schools, and one preschool. The best Deerfield neighborhoods for education are Village Center, Waukegan Road/Deerfield Road, Saunders Road/Deerfield Road, and County Line Road/Pine Street. As a result, these neighborhoods are also the most expensive areas to buy or rent a home.    

When you combine senior-living and family-friendly neighborhoods with tolerable commute times for those working in Downtown Chicago, Deerfield offers a lot to individuals and families. The Village’s brand new self storage facility offers affordable Deerfield residential and business storage solutions.

Deerfield gets our vote for one of Chicago’s best suburbs for all of these reasons. Plus it boasts a fairly decent WalkScore of 69, which is pretty impressive for a suburb.


4. The Village of Palatine Celebrates its 150th Anniversary

a row of brownstone apartments in palatine illinois

PlayScore: 68 out of 100 Score: 10
HomeMedian Home Price: $309,286

“A real hometown” motto and a population of almost 70,000 people make Palatine one of Chicago’s medium-sized suburbs. Moreover, it has a reputation as an amazing town with friendly, helpful people. The Village recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Most notable community-based events were a family-friendly bike tour of historical sites and burying a time capsule. Palatine’s two high schools, the community college, and the town’s library have all received special national honors.

Located approximately 30-miles from the Ogilvie Transportation Hub in Chicago, many Palatine residents get to work on the Metra UP-NW Line. Other residents work in Palatine or nearby towns in manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, scientific, and technical services.

Palatine Neighborhoods

There are ten primary neighborhoods in Palatine. Because of its proximity to Deer Grove and Paul Douglas Forest Preserves, the Colfax/Northwest neighborhood is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Palatine offers plenty of housing options including small studio and two bedroom apartments to larger three- and four-bedroom apartments and townhomes. Consequently, Palatine apartment dwellers looking to create a little more space in their homes can turn to Metro Self Storage conveniently located on Colfax Road. This new, climate-controlled self storage facility features state-of-the-art security as well as fully illuminated buildings and parking lots.

Like many of Chicago’s best suburbs, Palatine has a rich historical past. The George Clayson House located on Northwest Highway cost about $2,300 to build in 1873. Today, the home is on the National Register of Historic Places. As a result, it serves as a grand reminder of the Palatine’s rich historic culture and Victorian Italianate past.


5. The Village of Lake Zurich

lake zurich illinois family fishing in one of chicago's best suburbsLAKE ZURICH
PlayScore: 79 out of 100 Score: 9 out of 10
Average Commute Time: 33 minutes
Median Home Price: $413,568

The Village of Lake Zurich is a family-friendly community located 38-miles north of Downtown Chicago. This Chicago Suburb is famous for its festivals, Fourth of July celebrations, and marathons. Another fun fact is the Village shares its namesake with a 228-acre lake bordered by Paulus Park. So it’s no surprise that Lake Zurich is a popular summer destination for locals and visitors who love fishing here.

Commuters can hop on the Metra to get to other cities for work, and the majority of the town’s residents work in computer-related fields. Employment opportunities in Lake County are plentiful and Lake Zurich’s workforce primarily comprises of managers, sales and office workers, and healthcare professionals.

Lake Zurich’s School District

The Lake Zurich CUSD 95 School District enrolls 5,738 students and features eight schools. The best schools in Lake Zurich are Sarah Adams Elementary School, May Whitney Elementary School, and Lake Zurich High School.

Most noteworthy neighborhoods in Lake Zurich are homes surrounding the Cuba Marsh Preserve and the Village Center. Many Lake Zurich residents are within biking or walking distance to the center of town.


Chicago’s Best Suburbs Offer Something for Everyone

Chicago ranks as one of the most exciting cities to be single, start a career, or for entrepreneurial development. However, when it comes time to raise a family or retire, a big city can present challenges. Chicago’s best suburbs offer a range of lifestyle options for families. Whether you’re looking for an urban enclave or to spend a little less on your house payments, moving to the ‘burbs can increase your quality of life.

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The professionally trained Property Managers at Metro have years of experience and can offer tips designed to help you with every step of your storage experience.

Here at Metro Self Storage, we understand that self storage is a reliable partner for many people’s life stories.  


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Moving to Minneapolis Suburbs? Bloomington Ranks as Best City to Live

Minneapolis continues to rank as one of the best cities to live in the US, and its suburbs regularly rank in top publications like Money Magazine and Forbes as the best places to move to for anyone looking for a high quality of life and above-average income. If you are moving to Minneapolis suburbs, Bloomington ranks as the best city to live in due to its alluring combination of small-town charm and big-city amenities.

Bloomington is a culturally diverse community with neighborly residents who graciously host over 42 million visitors who who travel from near and far to see the Mall of America. Many of the reasons so many tourists travel to Bloomington are the same reasons why people love to call Bloomington home.

Ideally situated on the north bank of the Minnesota River and only 10 miles from Downtown Minneapolis, retirees, professionals, and families with kids of all ages are moving to Bloomington, MN.

Furnish Your New Home for Cheap

Moving to Minneapolis Suburbs

When it comes time to furnish your Bloomington apartment or home, there is always a budget to consider, and Ikea fits the bill for spending less on furniture so you can spend more to watch your favorite Minnesota sports team at Target Field.

Shopping at Ikea for the basics, like a bed, sofa, dresser drawers, and tables, is cost-effective and will save you time and effort. You can furnish an entire home after less than a day of shopping at Ikea—yes, this is possible because I have done it—and then enjoy cafeteria-style Swedish fare that includes savory meatballs and delicious chocolate fudge cake.

But go after the crowds subside to avoid long lines, and grab a seat next in front of one of the large picture windows. Pick up everything else you need to furnish your new home such as artwork and other household items, over the coming weeks and months from one of Bloomington’s numerous top-rated thrift, vintage, and consignment shops.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Bloomington MN Mall of America

The world renown Mall of America boasts 520 stores, and with no sales tax on clothes and shoes. As such, it is the perfect destination if you like to shop until you drop.

More than just a shopping destination, Mall of America offers plenty of family-friendly entertainment from Toddler Tuesdays to Nickelodeon Universe. You can try out for Minnesota Vikings cheerleader or to be on the Skol Line, the official drumline of the Minnesota Vikings.

Hitch a Ride

Moving to Bloomington MN

One of the things that make Minneapolis a great place to live for people who want to ditch their cars and reduce their carbon footprint is the Metro Transit. It combines a light rail and bus system to connect Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul with Bloomington and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with two lines to Mall of America in Bloomington.

While Minneapolis offers exciting sports and a vibrant nightlife, by choosing to live in a less expensive neighboring suburb like Bloomington, you will never be more than 15 minutes away from a museum, the theater, a sports event, farm-to-table dining, or tax-free shopping thanks to the Metro and 35W and 394.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Moving to Bloomington

What keeps everyone from going stir crazy in Bloomington during the famously frigid Minnesota winters? Places like the thrilling indoor Water Park of America. Anyone living in a Mediterranean climate might find the idea of a water park indoors a little odd; however when you live in Minnesota where temperatures routinely drop into the single digits in the wintertime, an indoor water park is not an oxymoron.

In fact, Downtown Minneapolis has over 11 miles of enclosed pedestrian footbridges or skyways, over 69 city blocks allowing people to live, work, and shop without ever having to leave climate-controlled comfort.

Overall Bloomington gets high ranks from its residents according to the National Business Survey, and it  offers more jobs per capita than any other Minneapolis Suburb in Hennepin County. Whether you are moving to Bloomington to work at one of its major employers—Mall of America, Ceridian, Donaldson Company, Toro, or Seagate Technologies—or to attend school at Normandale Community College or University of Minnesota, it promises to offer an enviable lifestyle. Just remember to pack plenty of warm clothes.

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Today, West Chicago is a popular commuter town (due to its more affordable rents) to nearby Chicago. Additionally, you can leave your car behind and take public transportation (the Metra) to downtown Chicago.
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Finding the correct answer practically guarantees you’ll save time and money. If you start out with the right size, it means you aren’t overpaying for more than you need. Nor will you waste time on returning or exchanging something because you got the wrong size.

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The Top 5 Reasons Metro Self Storage in Deerfield Will Make You Happy


What should your athletic club, bank, and favorite coffee shop all have in common? Ideally, they’re conveniently located to work with your schedule. Why? Because everyone knows the keys to happiness are money, muscles, and coffee, right? Seriously though, while there are scientifically proven ways to be incredibly happy, Metro Self Storage understands what you want when it comes to renting a self storage unit for your home or business items.

1.  A welcoming and exceptional storage team that strives to exceed your expectations
2.  Relax with our 24-hour state of the art security monitoring
3.  The ultimate in self storage convenience—drive up climate controlled storage units in a wide variety of sizes
4.  Access your belongings 7 days a week
5.  Stay out of the rain, snow, and sun with the luxury of covered loading and unloading

Metro Self Storage New Facility in Deerfield, IL
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